Krug Grande Cuvée champagne makes a grand entrance to India

So there are two ways of doing things, one is, you do something wonderful and pop open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate and the second is reversing the process. When your champagne is as tantalising as Krug Grande Cuvée you make it the reason to celebrate. Our reason is as clear as this sparkling wine, it’s making a foray into our nation; the Krug Grande Cuvée will soon be available at the Mumbai Duty-Free. While a brand like Krug needs no introduction, we surely want to state what makes this event a big deal. The Grande Cuvée was first made in 1844.  Now in its 166th Edition, it’s finally making its way into our bars after all this time. Needless to say, it’s a product of exceptional taste, a class coupled with a history of its own. Making such a divine product doesn’t come easy; the Krug on its own grows 40% of the grapes used to make their Grande Cuvée. The rest is hand-selected from growers in the region who have been meticulously culled over the years. Each year Krug makes what they call Krug Grande Cuvée which simply put is a blend of an assortment of wines from the harvest and from previous years.  Maggie Hernandez, the CEO of Krug says,” The Krug philosophy is that Champagne is about pleasure and sharing. Enjoying Krug at any moment can be alone or paired with exceptional food and/or music transform any moment into a special one. Sometimes the most casual, intimate moments spent with Krug are the most memorable ones.”

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On that note, pun intended, the next time you are at the Mumbai Duty-Free or are receiving a friend, make sure a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée is purchased for INR 21,888\- and there’s no stopping the conversations, memories and toasts. 

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