Limited Edition: Absolut India’s new flavor is all about mango with a hint of pepper

Last year, Absolut decided to “reach out to the local talent and creative minds in India to design the ‘Absolut India Limited Edition’ and become a part of history”. The brand said designs were received from across the country and judged by prominent creative personalities from different fields in India. Finally, the vodka giant selected a design, and now there is a new unique bottle for Absolut India.

This limited edition Vodka captures the essence of India, style, creativity, boldness and popularity of design, which was selected through online voting. Artists like Anish Kapoor, Subodh Gupta, Bharti Kher and Vikram Seth, among others, have collaborated with Absolut in the past. However, the limited edition Absolut India features artwork by a young artist Shaheen Baig from Mumbai. Influenced by art from 18th century India, the design aims to capture the spirit of the Indian nation. The flavour is inspired by tropical summer fruit; with tastes of mango and pepper, it is described as smooth and mellow with a well-balanced spiciness.
Limited Edition Absolut India is a bright hodgepodge of popular, iconic motifs from all over India, the vibrant design makes this an ideal gifting option for those who love to collect innovative tipples. It is currently available at Delhi Duty Free Services (DDFS) and DFS Mumbai.

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