LL speaks to Revathi Kant the Chief Design Officer at Titan on their latest collection, jewellery trends, and more

With over 15 years of experience in applying Design Thinking in diverse domains, Revathi Kant heads the Design Excellence Center, the Titan Company’s design arm, with a team of over 70 talented designers across the globe. This splendid team has led Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, to celebrate over a decade of outstanding artistry with rare masterpieces in diamond, gold, and precious stones. As expected, this wondrous occasion is marked with a unique line of Zoya’s exquisite designs keeping the astute and charming Zoya woman in mind. Taking inspiration from everlasting monuments and the spirit of the Zoya woman, this statement-making collection includes stunning pieces such as the Eiffel Tower bangle that encapsulates the myriad facets of Paris; or the incredible and iconic La Duna Rosa that brings the exuberance of Spanish flamenco dancers to your wrist. Let’s get talking to the woman who is designing a globally-inspired collection of jewels for the globally aware and well-travelled women of today.

Over the years we have seen some wonderful pieces from Zoya from the House of Tata. We were intrigued by the bangle inspired by Eiffel Tower. Any Indian monuments that pique your inspiration?
Zoya is a brand with an Indian soul and a global outlook. We have a very unique design philosophy and our collections are inspired by myriad journeys, from the ones that take you across the world finding inspiration in history, traditions, art, architecture, nature and food to the ones that help you discover your own feminine self. One of Zoya’s most popular collections is Banaras which has many architectural references. For instance, there is a beautiful pendant with gold inlaid on a malachite stone inspired by the Vishwanath temple that stands on the western bank of the Ganges, thereby imparting contemporary form to traditional craft.

Which are your favourite three pieces from the globally influenced product lines?
Each Zoya creation is a rare masterpiece. The Pantheon Bangle, Florence Baptistery Earrings & Rialto Bridge Green Amethyst Ring from the Pezzo D’arte collection are my favourites because of their exceptional designs and refined craftsmanship.

Note to the editor: The Pantheon Bangle is inspired by the dramatic design of the dome. It has an embellished line of round brilliant-cut diamonds and a delicate filigree base which imparts a captivating play of light. The Florence Baptistery earrings are very intricately created with the amethyst meticulously sourced, custom cut and placed in a striking geometry of gold. These earrings celebrate the iconic octagonal architecture in the Florentine Romanesque style which is rendered by the Zoya atelier as an amethyst drop clad in brilliant round cut-diamonds. The Rialto Bridge Green Amethyst Ring is another statement product from the collection and the distinct mechanism used to set the handpicked and custom cut amethyst stone results in an alluring ring that celebrates the engineering marvel that is the Rialto Bridge.

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As a person from the field of design, which era do you find most influential in your line of work?
For our collections in Zoya, we have taken inspiration from ancient periods like Awadh and Rajputana to Cubism in artworks of Picasso to the rainforests of the world. The inspirations span period which is why the pieces we create are truly timeless and worthy of being

What trends can jewellery lovers look forward to this year?
With the pandemic, we have noticed that people want to buy products that have meaning. People have changed their perspective on buying jewellery, they are buying fewer things, but finer ones. They look for exceptional craftsmanship and a sense of purpose. Women are
moving towards fine jewellery that makes a statement but can be styled with versatility for daily looks. With the world moving towards more intimate gatherings and a change in the nature of celebrations, we are seeing that people are choosing Zoya as timeless memoirs for
their personal milestones.

Zoya focuses on the young, ambitious women of the world. What are the young, ambitious go-getters keenest on buying?
The young women of today are keen on buying jewellery that resonates with them and is an expression of their personal identity. They are purchasing jewellery that is meaningful and subtle, yet rare and timeless. While they like statement and exquisite pieces, they prefer their jewellery to be wearable.

After a decade of being surrounded by Zoya’s impressive glistening pieces, do you have a favourite collection from over the years?
My favourite collection from ZOYA is our latest collection, Rooted. The collection is inspired by a wide spectrum of flora and fauna motifs right from birds like the Scarlet Macaw, Royal Flycatcher, etc. to flowers like the Orchid and Bromeliad, trees like the Brazil Nut and Kapok tree. Each of these inspirations come alive through the intelligent juxtaposition of colours, unexpected hints of movement in the construction, fluid forms and enchanting little details that make the collection exquisite. The true testament of Zoya’s mastery can be found in the standout designs crafted at the atelier over the past years. With over a decade of illustrious artistry with rare masterpieces in diamond, gold and precious stones, ZOYA has created a legacy of designing and crafting timeless jewellery. La Duna Rosa, Arachne, Crescent Rose earrings amongst others, are my absolute favourites from the various collections we have.

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What jewellery trends should come back in 2021 from the past?
Pearls and the comeback of the classic gold metal. These timeless pieces should make a comeback in the daily wardrobe of women.

What is the biggest change witnessed in the jewellery industry after the Covid-19 pandemic and especially for the modern jewellery maker?
The biggest change was the trend towards minimalism, a new consciousness because of the way people were living their lives. People asked themselves, “Do I need to buy so often?”
“Can I purchase something of a better quality and with more longevity?” Now this is evolving, partly because it’s become apparent that we are in this for the long haul. Consumers are now looking to purchase jewellery that is an extension of their personality with something that is iconic and exquisite.

Which famous personality is the perfect Zoya muse in your opinion?
The muse for Zoya’s exquisite designs has always been the Zoya woman, a modern sophisticate who is aesthetically astute, globally aware and well-travelled. She is extremely discerning in her taste, appreciates the contemporary form of traditional craft that you see in
Zoya’s designs and globally inspired storytelling. Her eye for quality and craftsmanship comes from being used to the best in life, and she therefore also expects the careful consideration that she is served with at Zoya. This is a description that fits women across the world and we have been honoured to have various celebrated women adorn Zoya from Gauri Khan to Jayasree Burman and Pallavi Shroff.

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