Loaded with spices and edible gold this is the most expensive biryani in the world

Gastronomes have got their taste buds tickled while browsing Luxury Launches.com as we posted luxuriously indulgent food posts varying from burrata coated with 22k edible gold to the world’s most expensive white gold caviar at $112k per kilo and in latest addition is the world’s most expensive biryani available in Dubai costing a whopping AED1000 (roughly INR 20,000). It goes without saying that this dish will include edible gold leaves (23-carat to be precise) but that’s not the only thing that makes it super expensive. The Biryani is loaded with all things royal and can be shared by four or six people; it is a whopping 3 Kg after all! Aptly called Royal Gold Biryani it is served at Bombay Borough, a luxury dining space in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The most lavish biryani in the world takes 45 minutes to be plated and it comes in a giant golden metallic plate. The broad plate also serves a wide selection of ingredients which includes three variations of only rice such as Chicken Biryani Rice, Keema Rice, and White and Saffron rice, topped with baby potatoes and boiled eggs. The rice variations are made tastier with further three varieties of chicken grills-Malai chicken, Rajputana Murgh Sula, and Chicken Meatballs. It doesn’t end there obviously, the platter is made rich with lip-smacking additions like Lamb Chops and Lamb Seekh Kebab, garnished with mint, roasted cashew, pomegranate, and barista to garnish. That’s what keeps the plate of biryani busy but not without some more delightful accompaniments.

The copious plate of biryani is served with three side dishes that include Nihari Salan, Jodhpuri Salan, Badami sauce topped with almond, and Pomegranate Raita. (Let me catch a breath). This enormous biryani is finally topped with glistening and generous amounts of 23-carat edible gold leaves which add the ‘royal’ in the ‘Royal Gold Biryani’. The next time you plan a trip to Dubai, make sure you go with your wallets full and stomachs empty.

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