Luxurious Luminance: Limited Edition Moët & Chandon Night Flashing Bottle

Celebrations can be incomplete without a pop of Champagne. And, to make festivities brighter and better, Moët & Chandon introduces its first luminous magnum bottle specially created for festivals and celebrations.

The limited edition Moët & Chandon Night Flashing bottle is a generous magnum bottle of the iconic champagne Moët Impérial. A highly visible and exclusive piece, this champagne – in all its boldness and goldness – creates an exceptional buzz, for any occasion worth a celebration. It will definitely put Moët & Chandon’s celebrated pioneering spirit in a new light. The big and bold letters flash the brand signature in bright white and gold which bring festivities to life, and remind us to share in the joy and celebration of the season.

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The Night Flashing Moët & Chandon is available at luxury resorts, hotels, restaurants as well as select retail outlets in the country. The bottle is contemporary, yet glamorous and symbolizes the dazzle of Indian festivities be it a wedding or Diwali!

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