Manish Malhotra X Chandon – a breathtaking combination

You will now find your favourite designer weaving his magic on limited edition bottles of Chandon just in time for the festive seasons round the corner.

Chandon India signs on Manish Malhotra, well known for his love for his stunning designs and his love for Bollywood to add that oomph to their sparkling wines. It is an unusual liaison but the result is absolutely spectacular. It is the coming together of two like minded brands which represent an emerging India- one that speaks of an international lifestyle, yet deeply connected to our Indian traditions.

Manish has designed two limited edition bottles for Chandon Brut in his signature style. These exquisitely designed bottles are a sight for sore eyes and sure to brighten up the bar. You can choose from luxurious gold motifs over a midnight sky background or a spritz of pink and rose gold -stemmed florals draping the bottle. These limited edition, glamorous and super stylish bottles make the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Chandon’s wines are made from handpicked grapes in Maharashtra’s Nashik region. Manish Malhotra’s designs on the bottles have been inspired by the beautiful gardens of Versailles , but link back to Indian traditional outfits like the sari and the sherwani synonymous with his style.

The fact that it is a limited edition, retains its exclusivity and makes it a beautiful, thought of gift.

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These fashionable bottles are priced at INR 1,450 and are available at leading wine boutiques, hotels and restaurants in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Pune and select cities in Rajasthan.

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