Massimo Dutti finally graces Mumbai’s lifestyle scene

Massimo Dutti’s has finally debuted on the Mumbai lifestyle scene. The launch was a much-anticipated one given how the brand has quickly spiralled to become one of the most sophisticated lifestyle options over the past few years. Spanning an impressive 7,500 sq ft in Mumbai’s Palladium Mall, the store entails not only the entire men’s, women’s, footwear and accessories collection but also the Limited Edition collection.

Massimo Dutti had debuted in India only last year with stores in New Delhi and Noida and thankfully, this year has entered the Mumbai territory. One of my favourite aspects of the brand is its concentration towards designing special collections for special countries such as India. The customers not only have the latest trends, but also a collection that can’t be found anywhere else.

Stepping into the Massimo Dutti store, one immediately feels a sense of exclusivity. The brand has opted for a progressive evolution of the boutique concept. The change is based primarily on finish and shapes that aim for warmer, more contemporary spaces and environment. Walnut wood, brass, leather and dark marble are the dominant materials in the new architectural design that blends modern lines and classic details, which is the signature look of the brand.

The stores are designed for easy movement and feature strategically placed lighting and furniture, all developed and designed in-house by the interior design team. The store layout together with carefully displayed merchandising allows the customer to experience an inviting and effortless product selection.

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Where: Massimo Dutti
Block Number 30, Ground Floor, High Street Phoenix,
Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

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