Maya Sarabhai is coming back

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai was one of the most entertaining TV shows and a hands down favourite of young and old alike. Its been almost a decade since the episode was last aired on TV and the fans wait with bated breath to hear news of a sequel being aired soon.
This programme came as a breath of fresh air amongst the many over dramatic saas bahu dramas. The show revolved around a South Mumbai family full of quirky members that made the show thoroughly entertaining.

Indravadan Sarabhai, the head of the household’s child-like ability to find humour in not-so-funny situations set the ultimate standards for Dad jokes that can never be replicated. His wife, Maya was potrayed as a proper South Bombay, socialite. Her witty comebacks to her daughter on law, Monisha’s middle class approach on everything was just on point and was delivered with utmost perfection. Her character bordered on being snooty, condescending and with an air of superiority, but still with a clean heart.

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Rosesh Sarabhai their son’s silly but adorable poems made the show hilarious and his trademark Momma is still remembered by fans.
And Sahil Sarabhai, Monisha’s husband was just the perfect son & husband one could ever ask for and forever sandwiched between the fights between his mother and his wife.

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Fans have been waiting for the series to come back on television and honestly, with the number of melodramatic shows we have on television, this show is a much-needed antidote!

When pictures of the entire cast reunion went viral and the director hinted at a comeback, there is great speculation and excitement about the sequel.

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