Mercedes Benz to introduce the Edition 1 A and B-class to India

On the 24th of June, Mercedes-Benz India will launch a special limited edition model called ‘Edition I’ for its A-class and B-class hatchbacks. Fans of the German luxury carmaker in India will be pleased to find out that the improved models will boast of exciting new features such as an updated reverse camera, a panoramic sunroof an electrically adjustable front passenger seat and the Edition 1 badge amongst several others. The B-class will additionally comprise of a state-of-the-art entertainment system its rear seat.

The swanky new model aims at providing its occupants with unparalleled comfort and advanced entertainment. No under hood alterations have been made to the cars and the models have retained their original 107bhp 2.2-litre diesel engine however; the ground clearance of the cars has been significantly enhanced leading to an improved smoothness in their ride. Our only complaint with the Edition 1 is its exclusion of the auto climate control feature and its notably smaller COMMAND screen as compared to its petrol-using counterpart.

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Mercedes India chief Eberhard Kern was confident that these limited edition models would help reposition the brand as “younger” and “sportier” and would attract new customers. The limited edition models will only be available in the diesel versions of the car and will be priced expectedly higher than the current model.

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[Via – Business-Standard]

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