Montegrappa Mule – The pen to raise a glass to

Very close to the Montegrappa works – home of the oldest pen manufacture in Italy – is the heart of another industry. Grappa is the local tipple and it has never been more popular, finding friends in bars and saloons from Mumbai to Manhattan to Macau. With the success of the spectacular limited edition Grappa pen in hammered copper, Montegrappa again honours the locals’ favourite beverage with a pen inspired by both the drink and the equipment that distils it.

Featuring a shape that is classic Montegrappa, curvaceous yet sleekly contemporary, the Montegrappa Mule pen collection further displays its familial links with a cap top bearing the famous “1912” logo, while the nib is embellished with a filigree Montegrappa pattern. The cap and barrel are crafted in mirror polished copper, further defined by a brushed silver plated trim. The effect recalls the well used, vintage piping and tubing employed in the process of producing grappa. Each Montegrappa Mule will acquire its own unique patina through handling by its fond owner, truly personalizing the writing instrument. It is widely used in refined gastronomy and health equipment, as well as in architectural design and various artistic forms.

Available in three versions, it will suit the user of fountain, roller or ballpoint pens. Further individualising the Mule is the choice of writing grades to suit the owners, with nibs in Fine, medium and Broad, and carry its ink supply with either a cartridge or a converter.

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Initially inspired by the classic Moscow Mule cocktail, traditionally served in a copper mug, Montegrappa has registered an exciting new grappa based cocktail. The drink itself is made of 40 degree premium quality grappa, bergamot scents and a habanero chilli pepper twist. Securing a link between the pen and drink will be a copper mug given to each purchaser of a Montegrappa Mule pen, the mug personalized with a special Montegrappa Mule logo.

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Available at Montegrappa flagship boutiques at Palladium Mumbai, DLF Emporio New Delhi and other leading multi brand retail outlets nationally.

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