Montegrappa unveiled its Cult Collection with the Grappa Pen in India

One of the world’s most renowned writing instrument company Montegrappa exclusively brings the Cult collection to India. The brand has exclusively launched the Grappa Pen, which is inspired by the renowned distillate “grappa”- an Italian specialty that nowadays has devotees all over the world.

Montegrappa Grappa 1
The limited edition Cult pens are neither for the faint of heart nor the conservative of taste. The designs are bold and “out there,” and may even be considered kitschy by some. The “grappa” distinct personality is defined by the type and quality of the grapes used, as well as the distillation process or “secret recipe.” A similar essence has been used in it’s pens.
Montegrappa Grappa Pen
The materials used in the pens’ manufacture, reminiscent of the distilling vessels, include stainless steel, brass and copper for the cap and barrel, employed in the manner of the actual equipment’s construction.

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Montegrappa’s technicians executed hand-applied hammering techniques on the copper components, while tiny screws – both functional and ornamental – remind the user of the technological inspiration of the product. Even the pocket clip continues the grappa-making theme, formed to recall the copper tubing used in the distilling process. Lastly, the 18k gold duotone nib is embellished with a bunch of grapes on the vine.

Embracing the spirit of grappa and its life-enhancing properties, the Grappa Pens arrive in special packaging not unlike the presentation of an actual bottle of the liquor. The pen comes in a blown glass bottle with a large globe base, made by local artisans, bearing the Montegrappa coat of arms in metallic finish.

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The Cult Collection Grappa Pen has been issued as fountain pen, with both cartridge and converter feeders, and as a rollerball pen. Production is limited to 1912 for the fountain pen and 1912 for the rollerball, the given number denotes the year of establishment of the Montegrappa company. The collection is available exclusively at Montegrappa store for Rs. 2 lacs (approx.)

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