Native South Indian with $4 billion net worth takes the stage as Asia’s wealthiest, yet young entrepreneur

Wealth-X Asia’s under-40 wealthiest entrepreneurs’ list revealed an Indian took the top with a net worth of $4 billion! Arun Pudur, is a native of the Indian city of Chennai and founder of Celframe, the software firm that produces the world’s most popular word processor after Microsoft. The 37-year old South Indian started his tech firm straight after graduating from university in 1998 and in the following 17 years, managed to grow his business enough to put him on the map! Besides being a major contributor to the tech industry, Pudur also has a few scattered assets in the mining and real estate industries.

Out of the list of self-made billionaires on the Asian feature of the Wealth-X’s list, 9 out of the top 10 fortune owners made their riches in the technology sector. Pudur also ranked 10th in the overall list of the world’s richest billionaires under 40. Pudur’s name was featured along with Mark Zuckerberg and the likes.

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