The New Imperiale Joaillerie watch by Chopard

This secret watch from the house of Chopard, combines the best of jewellery and fine watch making and offers a bracelet as a precious timepiece. Chopard draws inspiration for its latest collection from South America and the heart of the Inca civilization.

Like a mosaic from the pre Colombian era, the dial cover is entirely set with brilliant cut diamonds and turquoises in subtly varied shades and when the dial finally opens, the signature symbols of the imperial collection appear, these precious details endow this jewellery creation with its legendary distinction and strength of character. The dial centre is stamped with a radiant sunburst guilloche decoration in remembrance of the Inca dynasty’s fascination for this supremely heavenly body.

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Graceful Roman numerals, tapered hands reminiscent of combat daggers and the famous motif evoking the embroideries adorning the hangings and cushions on which the monarchs place their insignia.

The timepiece is fitted with blue or turquoise damask straps picking up the imperial motif or with turquoise alligator straps. The case in Fairmined 18 carat white gold is entirely set with diamonds and houses a veritable treasure.

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