Nirav Modi adds new jewels in its Luminance Collection

Indian jeweler Nirav Modi has introduced new jewels to its Luminance Collection, in which varied diamond cuts are used to capture the nuances of light. Composed of carefully and painstakingly selected white diamonds, each jewel in this collection is lovingly created using the right kind of diamonds that will complement each other to bring the piece to life.

Nirav Modi Luminance-Front-Back-Earring
Pear and marquise shaped diamonds in cuts ranging from brilliant cut, old cut, Jasmine cut and rose cut are gracefully arranged in floral or cluster arrangements.

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Each diamond is crowned with a Pixie set tip, a setting that is unique to this brand, where fine diamonds are set with millimeter precision creating an impression of diamond paint. When light strikes the jewel it further accentuates the depth and pattern of the design.

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants are part of this stunning collection, ranging from daily wear to exclusive pieces for special occasions.

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