Why Nirav Modi’s Embrace Series is this season’s must-have!

Renowned jeweller Nirav Modi’s Embrace series has undoubtedly garnered copious amounts of attention given its glamour yet elegant persona. Inspired by Nirav Modi’s daily lifestyle, the bracelet portrays his visions. The iconic piece of jewellery entails a staggering 90 elements, each curated with precision mosaic. The bracelet can be meticulously attached to your ring, bringing a new dimension to the style.

The design is coupled with elements of elegance, grace and simplicity and can be adorned just about everyone – matching different personality and shape, whether it is diamonds and classic gold style; platinum, gold and rose gold; white diamond and pink diamond, the piece can create an unexpected combination and style.

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The Embrace family is now updated with plain gold bangles in addition to diamond-studded ones. The plain gold ones are more versatile for everyday wearing.


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