No Hidden Measures: A new approach by Bruichladdich Distillery reveals details to help consumers know their whiskey

So you have a favorite drink but do you know why it is your favorite? If that question is unanswered then it’s time you learnt what’s in your whiskey. Luxurylaunches joined Caitlin Hill, Brand Ambassador, Rémy Cointreau as she unveiled the ‘No Hidden Measures’ by Bruichladdich. The initiative brings whiskey lovers a few steps closer to understanding why they like one and love another type, by sharing information about its whiskies- the Classic Laddie, Port Charlotte and Octomore. Moving ahead of the limitations of traditions, the Bruichladdich distillery is setting a new benchmark by adopting transparency and telling the tale of what makes their whiskey so good by tracing their ingredients from origin to bottling. There are many factors that will contribute to the overall flavor of your single malt whisky, right from barley provenance, cask type or the passing of time, and all of them together influence the final recipes. In a way it is pretty basic, just barley, yeast and water, aged in an oak cask for at least three years but is it really that easy? No hidden measures campaign tells you like it is; we all know that Barley, yeast and water are the primary ingredients in Scotch. The Bruichladdich distillery however uses three types of a 100% grown in Scotland variety. The ingredients are classified into ‘Mainland’, ‘Mainland Organic’ and from the whisky’s island home of ‘Islay’. The distillery currently grows over 40% of all the barley for their whiskies on the island. Age and casks are given equal importance in determining the final result of the whiskey. But this dilutes the painstaking and careful process of growing a fine crop or the good upkeep of casks and what ‘vintages’ of spirit are.

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Thanks to Bruichladdich distillery’s holistic viewing, the common conception of a single malt whisky, tasting better when it’s older comes to an end. Age though important is not a pivotal signifier of quality in single malt whisky, but it is important to consider the length of maturation in relation to other factors. Similarly, with casks, Bruichladdich batches are made up of 76 different casks, comprising 4 vintages of spirit, 3 different barley types and 7 different cask types. Instead of experimenting with oak alone, Bruichladdich casks are sourced from every corner of the globe and described in their recipes according to their origin. The recipes also state the alcohol previously held in the cask, size and the number of times they have been used etc. without giving gratuitous importance to consistency, value is given to content, transparency and the art of creating an unforgettable flavor. To truly put the words ‘No Hidden Measures’ into action in the single malt scotch world, one can type the batch code on the back of each bottle on the Bruichladdich official website to reveal the unique recipe for that specific bottle.

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