No more skinny models on the ramp

India holds its first ever plus size fashion show hoping to change the mindset of the ‘ideal ‘ body type on and off the ramp.

Not quite sure of the response to the call for audition, the organizers were pleasantly surprised to see the turnout to audition for the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) at a hotel in central Mumbai.

What was different about these auditions was that the rules had been tweaked and there were no age, sex or height restrictions. The only barrier was a minimum 34” inch waist for women and a 40”inch waist for men. The usual size zero and skinny look has now been replaced to accommodate plus sized aspirants. This is the first time the fashion week will hold a plus size show as part of the Winter/Festive 2016 edition to be held from August 24th to 28th in Mumbai.

Aspirants came from all corners of the sub continent, from a 74 year old man with long flowy hair to a young mum with kids in tow to a filmmaker in a black Pathani suit to the 19 year old with a six foot frame and high heels. Of these the 10 aspirants who were chosen will be given an opportunity to walk the ramp at the LFW and get a complete make over. What they were looking for in these candidates was not their inches or height but their confidence and attitude.

The idea behind introducing these plus sized models is to bring about an awareness and to cater to the changing demands of the fashion industry seeking diverse looks with fuller bodied models. A lot of people in India can relate to the plus sizes rather than to the sexy and shapely thin models. The segment for plus sized clothing is expected to grow at 25% per annum over the next three years.

So here is hoping that this is widely accepted by the audiences and encourages more plus sized men and women to take to the ramp and feel confident and good about themselves.

[ Via : Livemint ]