Of luxury and luggage: TrunkHouse at the Palladium mall is Mumbai’s first premium travel merchandise store

Generally, Indians have a habit of traveling abroad and buying even their day-to-day essentials solely because the unavailability of brands is a serious problem. So we go on vacations and purchase things like bags, shoes, even homeware like it’s a norm, but the fact is, that’s not what vacations are for! Luckily for us, we don’t have to go looking for good luggage stores on our next trip out. We can do that right in our own space, just hit the 3rd floor of Palladium mall (which we all admittedly make frequent trips to) and open the gates of TrunkHouse. This high-end multi-brand travel merchandise store features smart luggage, business cases, and handbag options. It is the first of its kind to bring diverse motley of brands from all around the world. So you can think of high fashion luggage brands such as Calvin Klein and DKNY from the U.S, smart luggage bags by Heys from Canada and pure luggage brands like Roncato and luxury fashion bags by Trussardi and Cerruti from Italy. Their hands-on team can guide you through available brands and help you find just what you’re looking for in this mix of intriguing products with new and innovative design whilst keeping functionality at its core.

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“The concept of having a multi-brand store that showcases premium travel gear under one roof is relatively new in the Indian market. Trunkhouse has established its presence in this area with the launch of our store. We are excited to see how this new journey turns out for us and all the brands we’ve given a luxurious home through this venture.” said founder Amrit Uttam. 

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