Our love of the OnePlus 7 Pro’s camera

On the heels of the OnePlus 6T came the 7 and 7 Pro, since the past two months now I have been using the latter as my primary phone. Like so much from OnePlus in the past the 7 Pro is undoubtedly one of the best mobile phones in the market. As much as it scores on good looks it delivers equally on performance. It’s crisp nochless OLED display offers a resolution of 1440-pixel and most importantly a refresh rate of 90hz. Unlike a majority of phones which have a refresh rate of 60 frames per second the OnePlus 7 Pro does at 90 frames per second. The result, everything from web browsing to games to Instagramming feels more fluidic and silky. 

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Vibrant details in OnePlus 7’s Night mode

As impressive the specs are we will keep that for some other day, in this post I would be talking about the camera. And, I must say what a camera it is. The OnePlus 7 Pro is equipped with a brand new triple camera set up. An ultra-wide-angle camera, a standard camera and a telephoto camera all work in tandem along with AI image stabilisation and HDR rendering to deliver clear, bright and vibrant photos. In one particular shot of a Mercedes coupe in a dark alley, the OnePlus 7 Pro lit up the foreground with amazing accuracy. The red brake callipers, the wheels, the welcome lights and even the LED strip on the headlights were visible just in a way as one would have seen it. The 3X telephoto lens along with the 10X zoom means the phone would zoom in on faraway objects while maintaining the stability and clarity. 

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A closeup

Over the past two months, I enjoyed shooting with the OnePlus 7 Pro. Here are a few of my favourite shots. 

The OnePlus 7 Pro is available in two variants and three colors with prices starting at Rs 48,999\-

Note – None of the images have been edited or processed in any way. They are uploaded as it is and have just been resized for faster loading. The phone was provided by OnePlus but all the opinions expressed herewith are my own.

Instant 3X lossless zoom.
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