Patrizio Stella, CEO of Chopard Perfums speaks to Luxurylaunches

After over 20 years under the Coty umbrella, Chopard Parfums is back in-house with a fresh vision and a focus on natural, responsibly-sourced ingredients. It comes from their CEO, Mr. Patrizio Stella, appointed in 2016.

He believes that perfume is much more than a simple scent. It not only gives a chance to make a mark in someone’s memory but also enables the wearers to change moods of the ones around them. ‘Do good, feel good’ is Caroline Scheufele’s creative vision for the Chopard Happy Collection.

“We feel lots of synergies with the traditions of India, but also with the new India. That’s why we plan to be present in a selection of all distribution channels, the classical luxury retails, Duty-free stores and also the best and most visioning E-customers.” Patrizio Stella candidly spoke about their launch in India when Luxurylaunches was presented with a fabulous opportunity to interview him last week in Mumbai.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is the brand’s new fangirl and has confessed to it in her latest post on social media. It is, ‘So happy to be part of Chopard Parfums’ journey to sustainability, the rose and lemon ingredients are naturally sourced products that feel light and fresh against my skin. Which gives me that fresh happy feeling when I wear the fragrance’.

Luxurylaunches – Chopard Parfums is branded as Natural Perfumery, what makes it unique and why the branding?
Patrizio Stella – Just as Chopard has resolved to use 100% ethical gold in producing all its watches and jewelry, it likewise wishes for its fragrance range to mark a new stage on its journey to sustainability.

Chopard “Journey to a sustainable luxury” began in 2013 and immediately set itself as long-term program focused on responsible sourcing of materials and a determination to help people in the luxury supply chain goods who are all too often overlooked. In 2016 Chopard starts developing fragrances of the highest quality, placing at the heart of its creations the finest natural ingredients, in alignment with ethical and sustainability principles.

In close collaboration with Swiss Fragrance House Firmenich, Chopard Parfums has selected a network of committed and reliable partners, with whom interact directly, that guarantee responsible production. Involving growers, artisans, and communities in its journey, Chopard aims to create a virtuous circle, which safeguards artisanal work and the precious raw materials that are the core of its olfactory project.

In a nutshell, we defined our Perfume philosophy as Luxury Naturals Perfumery, since we’re a blend of the richness, tradition, and glamour of the renown worldwide Jeweller, together with the attention to the best gifts that nature can offer and that must be treasured and enhanced. It’s all about lands, hands, and communities.

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What according to you makes a perfume worth wearing?
In our view, a perfume is much more than a simple scent. It is the first way people spot you’re around, it is your chance to stay in their memory, it must tell about your values, but it also has the incredible gift to change your mood in a second. High quality, cultivated with care and passion, full of colours, genuine, never a neutral. This is Chopard recommended menu for perfumes. And most important, it must tell who you are.

What are the challenges that are faced while using natural ingredients in the fragrances and How do you overcome them?
The main challenge for Chopard Parfums is our choice to place luxury naturals at the heart of our creations. We aim to employ ethical and entirely traceable luxury natural ingredients issued from sustainable sourcing. By doing that we wish to support the local farmers, artisans and communities involved in the production of such precious ingredients.

To reach this challenging objectives, we have engaged in a close collaboration with fragrance house Firmenich, the recognized industry leader in sustainability (Ecovadis Gold Rating), who provides the richest palette of responsibly sourced natural ingredients through the Naturals Together Program of sustainable excellence.

Can you tell us more about the Chopard Happy Collection?
At the heart of the Happy Chopard project is the creative vision of Caroline Scheufele and her positive approach to life. Her “do good, feel good” brand

philosophy is realised through a collection of luxury scents crafted from the most uplifting and treasured natural ingredients.
Nature is amazingly rich in feel-good scents and Felicia Roses and Lemon Dulci can be defined a sensory ode to the joie de vivre inspired by nature’s infinite beauty. A selection of precious natural ingredients and essential oils known to generate uplifting emotions through their scent.

In line with the Maison Chopard’s philosophy, at the heart of the two Eaux de Parfum are the most pristine and premium raw materials, responsibly sourced across the world through the Firmenich Naturals Together™ sustainability program.

Happy Chopard bear the signature of perfumer Dora Baghriche, chosen by Caroline to express her fresh vision of luxury perfumery. Dora, inspired by the values of a bohemian generation of young women, selected her natural essences and blended them with innovative ingredients.

Lemon Dulci delivers an extraordinarily uplifting “shot” of powerful citrus and leaf energy, Felicia Roses, with light-heartedness and exuberance, fill the heart with optimism and self-love.

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Finally, Caroline’s magic touch has given life to the two jewelled bottles whose design recalls the cut of precious and colorful gems.

How do you look upon India as your market for the perfumes?
It is an honour for us to finally approach the Indian market, not only because of its huge size, but mostly because of its millennial traditions of scents and perfumes. In Chopard Parfums philosophy, high quality ingredients are the only reason to be. Likewise in India, everything recalls traditions, lands, expertise, colors and images. And that’s all what our Perfumery meant to be.

We feel lots of synergies with the traditions of India, but also with the new India. That’s why we plan to be present in a selection of all distribution channels, the classical luxury retails, Duty free stores and also the best and most visioning E-customers.

Who is the typical Chopard Parfum customer?
Chopard Parfums customers are woman and men with strong personalities. A new generation of customers sensitive to environement, across ages and genders in search of thoughtful, creative and inspiring luxury.

In particular Happy Chopard fragrances has been created for free spirited, elegant women in search of positive luxury and natural ingredients. These fragrances are dedicated to young people who embrace the positivity of nature and life

Which is Chopard’s top-selling fragrance?
We have the luck to carry very different fragrances, each addressing a specific clientele. That’s why our customers chose, within our High End Collections, Vétiver d’Haiti and Miel d’Arabie as the two mostly appreciated fragrances, while both Lemon Dulci and Felicia Roses are best sellers within our younger and more colourful range of Happy Chopard line.

Patrizio Stella with the team of Beauty Concepts.

What role would ecommerce, mobile and social play in branding and retail sales
We love traditions, but we also love to think we’re “sons of our times” and therefore we try to exploit at best all fruits of modernity. For Chopard Parfums it is key to reach a perfect integration between online and offline. It helps us better reach all our customers with a particular skew to younger generations. Our brand strategies are tuned to be spelled down on digital tools, on top of our beautiful and inspirational “brick and mortar” installations. In a nutshell, we plan to invest on the digital channels (thru creative digital-native marketing materials) to enrich our Branding experience, but we also expect that our customers will buy online our fragrances through different platforms (Brand e-commerce, pure e-retailers, e-platforms of our retail customers). There’s only one world, and we want our customers to experience it all.

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