Planning a wedding at Palladium hotel – Here is everything you need to know

The Night Clubs
If it’s a wedding, it goes without saying that there will be drinking, dancing and music. It is a trend, and almost compulsorily expected that the couple tying the knot hosts a cocktail party for close friends and family. After all, there has to be a night of pure fun and indulgence prior to the wedding. Even if it’s just the youngsters – cousins and friends wanting to let their hair down, what are the in-house options at the hotel (apart from the many famous options at the mall and its vicinity)?

Just like poetry – Li Bai
Just like poetry – Li Bai
Li Bai
Ideal For – Casual Drinking / Socializing / ‘Meet The Family’ Welcome Cocktail Night
Li Bai is essentially a bar-cum-lounge that serves new age, edgy cocktails created using the finest ingredients and can accommodate roughly 70 guests. So, where does it get its name from? Now that’s an interesting story. Li Bai is the name of a Chinese poet who wrote poems on friendship, solitude, the depth of nature and the joys of drinking wine among many other themes. The design of the space encompasses a wire mesh sculpture of the poet, plush seating in a stately wood and chrome design.

Li Bai – the poet’s words
Li Bai – the poet’s words
Adjoining Li Bai is a Cigar Lounge replete with a rare collection of spirits and cigars from around the world. Li Bai was also a skilled calligrapher, and probably in an attempt to emulate it, the Cigar Lounge has Li Bai’s poetical verses painted all over the ceiling.

Let’s EXO!
Let’s EXO!
Ideal For – Bachelorette / Cocktail Party / Casual Night-Out
Exo is the new ‘in-thing’ in town. Only the uber-classy and the who’s-who of town frequent this nightclub. So, if you were to consider the hotel as your wedding venue, it would be a shame to not consider throwing a cocktail party for friends and cousins at Exo! More like, make hay while the sun shines! The flamboyant décor with floor-to-ceiling windows, decadent chandeliers, leather upholstery and foot-tapping music, are some of the key highlights of this two-floor nightclub.

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It works on a minimum revenue model if you were to book the space exclusively to yourself. Depending on the level you choose, the minimum spend ranges between 6 lakhs to 10 lakhs approximately. Exo has a capacity of around 200 people, spread over two floors.

Asilo – Spanish for Haven / Refuge
Asilo – Spanish for Haven / Refuge
Ideal For – Cocktail Sundowner Party / Mehendi / Engagement / Welcome Dinner / Sundowner Brunch
Asilo, the Hotel’s Rooftop restaurant and lounge is sure to make you feel on top of the world with its stunning panoramic views and Mediterranean ambience. The pristine white cabanas perched atop the wooden floor teamed with the signature dishes cooked fresh off the Robata Grill are sure to make for an unforgettable experience. Asilo can easily house around 150 guests.

Come away with me, we’ll touch the sky!
Come away with me, we’ll touch the sky!
Zenith Party Suite
Ideal For – Bachelorette / Cocktail Night
Lastly, if leaving a lasting impression is your style, then the exclusive penthouse suite is your go-to option for the panache you want your party to exude. This is an unrivalled property, as in, it’s the only one-of-its-kind in Mumbai. It is a premium private party suite with a DJ console, a clock emblem on the dancefloor, a mezzanine private lounge, a sleek glass staircase leading up to this lounge and a lower level lounge area to entertain your guests. The breath-taking view from this suite is all it takes to set the mood right! This suite can accommodate roughly 60 guests.


Just perfect!
Just perfect!
Each of their spacious rooms and suites offers a spectacular view of the city’s skyline, the vintage racecourse and/or panoramic views of Arabian Sea and azure horizons. With the room and suite sizes being one of the largest the city hotels have to offer, be rest assured all your guests would be as comfortable as it could get.

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Parking / Valet
There’s ample parking space, and the hotel management is really helpful in getting a designated parking floor assigned to all wedding clientele making it extremely convenient.

A word of caution there though! I’ve heard the valet takes a little longer than usual to get the guests’ cars to the drop-off point outside the hotel entrance. From my experience of managing logistics for a wedding, I recall the parking floor is on a much higher level and a car would take a minimum of eight-ten minutes to get to the drop-off point. Hence, you might want to consider that while managing the flow of logistics.

When you choose a hotel as a wedding venue, more than the infrastructure and the facilities it has to offer, the hotel’s management team carry a definitive importance in making the wedding a success. Hotel Palladium, with its dedicated wedding planner at your service, and the elegant infrastructure teamed with a perfect location, tops my list of the most hospitable venues to get married at.

Address :
Palladium Hotel
462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel,
Mumbai 400013 India.
Tel NO : +91 22 6162 8000

vaneeta-purohit-0Vaneeta Purohit, Director, Avant Weddings, Events & Artists, is a wedding planner based out of Mumbai. She has successfully handled weddings and events at locations like Goa, Bangalore, Udaipur and the like, apart from delivering complete wedding management solutions, other corporate events and religious congregations at esteemed venues. Her other interests include writing, reading, sketching, travelling, attending music concerts, trying out new cuisines and restaurants, watching movies, drama and stand-up comedy acts and cooking.

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