Pocketknives: The underrated and misunderstood urban accessory

There are handy things that form a part of our accessories, and then there are pocket knives. The incredible resourcefulness that these mild-mannered, high-performance tools have needs to be appreciated and find a larger acceptance. Many have testified to pocketknives saving their lives, and in some cases, the lives of others. Which makes it rather peculiar when people make an unsure, twisty expression when you ask them why don’t carry a handy pocket knife with them at all times. In fact, they’re stylish to carry around as well, especially if you go for a Deejo knife. Not only do they look great but the brand allows you to customize your own design and engraving and make it a true reflection of your personality. 

First, let’s bust the myth. Pocket knives aren’t only for the adventurous. They can be used by the most regular folk who do the most regular things – yes, this includes office goers, and no, this doesn’t involve ‘dealing’ with your annoying colleagues. From cutting open packages without haplessly fumbling around the wrapping to unclenching staple pins on documents, you could find several white-collared uses for these. They’re also great when it comes to sharpening pencils and can substitute a paper cutter, if sharp enough. 

Outside the office and in social situations, pocket knives simply uplift the image of the user when they are introduced in difficult situations. It just happens. Try it. They’re great tools to pull out nails and other objects that pierce tires. And if you’re deft enough you could easily open a bottle using a pocket knife too. They’re handy when it comes to dealing with home maintenance as well, especially when you’re dealing with wires and pipes. 

However, dealing with knives comes with its set of caveats. You need to know and understand the knife laws in your local vicinity before casually strolling into social gatherings with it. Owning a pocket knife comes with its set of cautions, one being having it by your side at all times. Do not leave it lying around and absolutely never ever have it idling away with the blade exposed. Whenever you use it to cut anything, make sure that the cutting is done away from the body. Do not use your blade as a screwdriver because that will just blunt the edge. Lastly, don’t fidget with it. Get a fidget spinner to occupy your idle hands. Use your pocket knife

 only to cut and pry if needed. Not to show off your shuffling and juggling skills because we’d rather assume that you don’t have any. 

Coming to the things you should do with a pocket knife – carry it with you always, even if you feel that there will never be a need for it. Being the tool that it is, you never know when you will find a need for it.