Porsche India scales new heights with Women Beyond Boundaries across the Himalayas

Porsche India joined hands with the organization ‘Women Beyond Boundaries’ to journey on a 20 day expedition across the Himalayas. This endeavor showcases the need for women’s empowerment through mobility, by driving nearly 4,000 kms through the difficult and rugged terrain. It aims at raising an awareness about women’s health and cancer in the most remote corners of the country. They showed short videos to women en route their journey, distributed leaflets and resource material and explained to them that if detected at an early age it could be curable.

At Penzi la top enroute Zanskar
The drive testes the Cayenne’s endurance on some of the highest motorways of the world as well as its off road capabilities across the varied terrain and riverbeds.
By the Parkachik glacier ~ enroute Rangum
The trail was challenging and different, from the plains of Delhi through the Pir Panjal rages in the Himachal to Nathula.
The Cayenne lived up to its expectations and made the journey manageable and easier. The women speak about the car like one would speak about their horse when they ride, about the bond between man and beast, here it was man and machine.
enroute Thinam - one of the highest  roads at over 15000ft

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Some rough road between Pangong _ Chushul

Just the Pangong, us and the Cayenne - enroute Chushul, didnt cross a single vehicle in this stretch

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