Quirky, Witty & Arty – Hermes unveils its 2017 theme

Hermes, the French fashion empire over years has become more than a high fashion house, owning a Hermes object has become a kind of an experiential currency. Continuing to emphasize on the value of hand craftsmanship and paying tribute to its rich history Hermes has unveiled its new theme of 2017 ‘Object Sense’ through a newfangled and rather creative window display.

Taking us back to 1960’s era of glorified pop art culture this visual sophistication is inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein.

Strikingly represented at the Hermes Flagship store of Mumbai, it portrays the idea that a Hermes object lives with you and lives its own life too. The finely crafted and exclusive Hermes range of objects are staged with Roy Lichtenstein’s style of irony and parody amusingly flaunted by a Hermes bag that replaces the diamond on a ring or a spray can spurting the new range of ties or a fine blazing leather saddle zooming off on a rocket. This display is surely a visual treat for all.

A justly comical & dramatic display of objects for life and for everyday life.

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