Review: A culinary extravaganza at The Quarter

When the Royal Opera House opened doors to public in October 2016, it gave the city a new cultural space to hang out at- The Quarter. With tasteful interiors and even more tasteful music, this one has to be a big blessing to the city. It is a jazz bar in the broadest sense of the term and we’re glad that it lives up to the reputation. We recently gave it a shot and are glad we did!

We were greeted by gorgeous candlesticks, bevelled mirrors and chandeliers that make for a colonial refuge from present-day concerns. The place serves a unique Louisiana Creole cuisine-inspired menu, the first of its kind in Mumbai. And we were thrilled to put it to test. We started off with the Heirloom Carrots which with feta, roasted almonds, asparagus and snow peas which was delightfully healthy plus delish.

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The Ricotta and Wild Mushroom Ravioli
The Royal Garden Pizza

The Ricotta and wild mushroom ravioli with brown butter, saffron and sage was simply symphony in every bite. Next up was The Royal Garden pizza which is the finest pizza we’ve had in town. The San Marzano tomatoes, artisanal chorizo and buffalo mozzarella elevated its flavour and ensured it was a high-point of our meal. Another recommendation is the Jambalaya with shrimp, chicken, peppers and rice which with its nuanced flavours teased our taste-buds and how!

Tres Leches

For dessert, our server recommended us the scrumptious Tres Leches. Drenched in three milks — sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream — this delicate sponge cake manages to soak up tons of liquid while remaining solid enough for you to dig into its crumb with a fork and has to be one of the dreamiest of desserts.

The food selections at The Quarter are prepared with locally-sourced ingredients as well as greens, herbs and edible flowers grown on the in-house walled vertical garden. No wonder that freshness takes centre stage in just about every dish. We were also all praises for the staff’s knowledge and efficiency. With dazzling chandlers and arty bevelled mirrors met captivating jazz, service that shines and food that is second to none, our culinary extravaganza that night transcended the ordinary…

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Where: The Quarter
Royal Opera House, Mathew Rd,
Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004
Phone: 083291 10638

Note: The critic was invited by the restaurant but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own

The luxe factor is

9 Food
9 Ambience
9 Hospitality
10 Décor
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