Review: A taste of the ravishing Pat-A-Cake by Namrata & Sapna

Being someone who is extremely picky about her dessert choices, I have always been difficult to please when it comes to them. But recently, I experienced some stuff from Pat-A-Cake run by duo Namrata and Sapna and loved how they managed to whip up dessert indulges that can please just anyone! Did their offerings manage to tease my tastebuds? Read on…

Shining on
The duo started this journey 30 years ago. “We always saw our mother baking as kids and she was our true inspiration guide and teacher. It was her who actually inspired us to transform this hobby into a small scale industry. Till date, she helps us source all ingredients and takes care of the financial aspect of the business,” Sapna shares. Moreover, she adds that they did extremely well from the start. “It was a pure word of mouth as there was no social media way back then, author and columnist Shobha De, was the person to give us an article as she lived round the corner,” she reveals. And there was no looking back for the duo after that, Bollywood actors like Hritik Roshan, Karan Johar made it to their client list.

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The offerings
The Pat-a-Cake menu comprises all kinds of desserts, be it cakes, gateau, mousse souffle, meringue, cheesecake, etc, and even custom made stuff. The duo is also into whipping up keto, gluten-free and healthy variants of cakes and bread. “We also cater for salads, quiches, and all types of cuisine. We take catering orders for birthdays, corporate get-togethers, home parties, and weddings. We also do gifting for Diwali, Christmas, baby showers and birth announcements,” Sapna adds. 

They also got into the retail market for the 1st time last year. “We supply a product brownie crunch to Nature’s Basket. They’re basically biscuits that can be had with your coffee or used as dessert to be crushed over ice cream. It is pure veg and has a shelf life of 3 months,” she shares.

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LL recommendations

Mango Cheesecake
The creamy slice of the good, the freshness of the mangoes, and the crunchy crust is done to the tee make it one of the best cheesecakes in the city. The incredibly smooth and divine treat lingered on our tongues for a long long time, serving us enough reasons to rave about this one. Must say that it passed the cheesecake test with flying colors.

Hazel truffle
Loved this rich chocolate cake. The hazelnut flavored ganache adds just the right zing to it. Whether you are a chocolate fan or not, this one won’t disappoint owing to its spot-on flavors.

Brownie crunch 
Brownie crunch as the name goes is baked to perfection and absolutely delivers the crunch that they promise. I found it to be the perfect accompaniment to my cup of joe. Delish, crunchy, and pretty addictive.

Where: 120 doctor house, Perin Nariman st, bazaar gate rd, Fort vt Mumbai 1
Phone for orders: 098211 63571

The luxe factor is:

9 Taste
9 Packaging
9 Delivery
9 Ingredients used
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