Review: At the all-new Invincible – Boudoir et Jardin

Neglecting the female consumer has been one area where restaurant brands might have not put in their A-game at. However, the last decade has witnessed a turn of events, where women have come across bold and indomitable, who are in leading positions across the world. So wooing the woman consumer has been a part of every restaurant’s check-list. Interestingly, Mumbai’s first Boudoir resto-lounge has recently opened in Bandra -Invincible- Boudoir et Jardin.  

Understandably, the term “boudoir” translates to a private room for ladies. Our first encounter with space went from red-velvet backgrounds, gilded mirrors and antiques that boast the French art and culture. The wall painted in hues of blue and bright colours signify a woman in her truest form just captures the spirit of the place, right.  

Along with simply offering an indoor seating, it offers a unique Champagne Garden for all the women who want to let down their hair and relax in this beautifully decorated space. Think eloquently designed cabanas with, an exotic vertical garden that pleases the eye. This Champagne Garden is perfect for pre-dinner, drinks and even for Sundowners.

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In terms of the food factor, we loved the Classic Chicken Pesto Salad. With slow-cooked chicken, quinoa and in-house pesto dressing, this one was a star of a salad. The Saffron and Yam Galawat with baked Indian bread was a lip-smacking, melt-in-the-mouth affair. We would also go back for the Mai Tai Mushroom Bruschetta which is an oriental medley of mushrooms. Going to the mains, the Malwaani Lobster with saffron caviar with a hint of roasted chili salsa and flaky Indian bread is sure to elevate anyone to seafood heaven. Equally, praise-worthy was the ‘Roti Kanai with Seafood Kedgeree’- a dish inspired by Indo-Malay flavours. 

Similar to the food menu, their drink menu curated by Mariki Sayles is lined up with ‘Limited Releases’,  offering exotic mixtures such as ‘C’est la vie’ and ‘Str bck’ for when you want to go bold and experiment, ‘The comfort zone’, lists their home team of cocktails like the ‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘Mojito’, ‘Up all night’ with  a series of ‘Perk-me-up’ and ‘No-regrets’ shots and ‘Early morning meeting’ when you’re trying to go through the day, sober, or just want to be in-check with reality. 

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As for dessert, Bailey’s parfait with its nuanced taste is the best we’ve had and ended up our meal beautifully. It’s lovely how Invincible- Boudoir et Jardin celebrates women with a food and drinks menu that clearly leaves it to gleam. Seems like it is all set to take the city’s F&B scene by storm.

Where: Invincible – Boudoir et Jardin
C’est La Vie, 164, Hill Road,
Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Phone: 022 6132 2221

Note: The critic was invited by the restaurant but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own

The luxe factor is

9.5 Food
9 Ambience
9 Décor
8.5 Hospitality
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