Review: Away Spa at the W Goa – A sea-side sanctuary for your senses

W Goa welcomes you with its bedazzle of Goan heritage and modern aesthetics.

W Goa welcomes you with its bedazzle of Goan heritage and modern aesthetics.
The pandemic defined ‘healing’ in a specific way. It was medical, scientific, and prescribed. But the other kind of healing is what I sought from my travel to Goa. The kind that is unprescribed, sensorial, and more importantly, indulgent. This was my first trip outside Mumbai since last year’s imposition of lockdowns and I wanted to pamper my senses in the most enchanting way possible. I was intrigued by the newly opened Away Spa at W Goa, which is located on the tall cliffs overlooking the beautiful rocky Vagator Beach.

The ceremonious welcome of the W Goa reception area uplifts the mood instantly. As you make your way down to the Away Spa, you feel the decibels reduce, the incenses kick in, and your eyes get accustomed to the soothing lights that adorn the reception and waiting areas of the spa.

Arriving at the Away Spa dramatically triggers your relaxation mode, with a sensorial treat.

My wife and I were greeted by Sonam, the Spa Manager, who welcomed us and introduced us to some interesting literature that elaborately explained the three principles of the treatments – InnerGlow, OuterGlow, and AfterGlow – representing inner healing, outer healing, and salon treatments, respectively.

The staff is warm, welcoming, and immediately at your service.

My first impression of the Away Spa was that of an alluring sanctuary that activates your senses and then caresses you in its bosom of care and calm. There are 8 treatment rooms, of which 6 are single rooms, while 2 rooms are for couples.

You are given sufficient time to relax, both, before and after your treatments. It’s as if time stands still as you soak up the ambiance.

We were greeted with delicious tamarind and jaggery tea, while Sonam asked us what kind of pressure we prefer during a massage. He patiently listened to our requests, assessed our skin types, and our other whims before recommending a couple’s Swedish Massage for both of us. He also took us through the chronology of treatments that we would experience.

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The Vitality Pool area is straight out of the hallways of Greek Gods. The desire to take a quick dip in the tranquil pool is irresistible.

We were then ushered to a lounging area, where we would wait for a short while before being welcomed to the treatment rooms. This waiting area was enchanting, with a serene Vitality Pool and plush seating.

The plush treatment rooms are spacious with comfortable beds, lockers, a seating area, a jacuzzi, and an in-built steam room.

As our therapists led us into the lush massage rooms we were spellbound by its spaciousness and well practical design. It had a jacuzzi within it, a steam room, comfortable beds, and a cabinet with a safe to keep our belongings. We slipped into the robes that lay ready for us and made our way to the first treatment. We began with foot cleansing rituals that involved specially-sourced sea salts.

The foot rituals set your mood for the relaxing treatments that follow.

We then lay prostrate on the beds while the aura-cleansing sound rituals were performed, briefly. This ritual is more elaborately conducted if you choose the Divine Ritual package, which involves chakra-level checks using 24-karat gold.

We then began with the Swedish Massage. The therapists constantly enquired about our comfort levels, our preference for music, incense, and temperature. They were thoroughly professional and by the end of the 60-minute session, we were refreshed and rejuvenated to take on the rest of the day. The oils used during our Swedish massage included sandalwood, rose, and jasmine. They were aromatic and felt warm and comforting on the skin. The adjoining washroom had a steam room, which left us feeling fresh and energetic. The quality and array of the products available in the well-appointed wet area effectively washed away the oils and had us ready for the evening.

When we made our way out of the treatment room, Sonam met us to ensure that we enjoyed the treatment. The delicious herbal was offered to us again, and we thirstily gulped it down.

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Everything seems to slow down once you arrive at the Away Spa. No one’s rushing you around, voices are hushed, the scents are aromatic, and the tea is memorable. The staff of the W Goa are courteous, helpful, and ensure that they give you the space you need, even if you’re just checking out the exclusive collection of products they have on display.

You can browse through the top-of-the-line treatment products, which are specifically recommended by therapists depending on your skin type.

Away Spa uses some of the world’s most reputed treatment products, depending on your skin type. A detailed form that has to be filled before each treatment allows the therapists to arrange specially-curated treatments and handpick the ideal products for your skin type and conditions.

The Noteworthy
Among the most notable inclusions in the list are Skeyndor products from the United States and Pevonia’s picks from Italy. Everything is on display so that the patrons can choose therapies and products of their preference, under the studied guidance of Sonam and his staff.

The Summary
Everything about Away was beautiful. From the large treatment rooms to the reception areas, from the beautifully-designed therapy menus to the large common restrooms. I would highly recommend a trip to the spa for those seeking to unload the city grind from their shoulders or even for a couple seeking a therapeutic luxury retreat. The level of intimacy and sincere care with which each aspect of the spa has been designed is something that stays with you, even when you check out of the hotel.

The luxe factor is:

9 Treatment
9 Staff
10 Products used
9 Service
10 Amenities
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