Review: Inside the all-new Carter Road Social

Back in 2014, when the first Social opened in Colaba, it brought something new to Mumbai’s nightlife scene. Co-working space by day, it transformed into a buzzing gastro-pub at dusk and took over the city by storm. Recently, another Social opened its doors to public and this time at the happening beachy space at Carter Road.

I recently went in to try the food and found the space to be complemented by summery pastel shades of baby pink and variants of green. It is flanked by embroidered cane-like chairs alongside comfy lounge seating. The walls, patterned with tropical motifs, also boast some impressive artwork by Manipuri artist Sony Thokchom!

With plants dotting the floor (and ceiling!) and palm trees just a breath away, the view of the setting sun from the sweeping glass windows laid out against the crashing waves made me swoon. I was told that the menu’s got plenty of nautical inspired fare alongside classics such as the Death Wings and the now infamous China Box.

For drinks, I suggest you try the Carter Road Classics with tropical specials like the ‘Freaky Tiki’ (spiced up with jalapenos) and ‘Fool’s Gold’ (rum, guava juice, coconut milk & more!). I found these to be the most tropical escape from the scorching Mumbai heat. Going to food, I started off with the Crispy Corn Chakhna. I loved the batter fried corn niblets and spicy seasonings it was tossed in that made it really addictive.
I also tried the Mutton Baida Roti which was a yummy combination of mutton and eggs rolled in the crispy roti and soared on the top of my favourites list. Also love the fact that it did total justice to the lip-smacking Mumbai street food. Next up was Awesomosas. The sheet samosas stuffed with pizza sauce and mushrooms was beautifully-spiced and such a seduction for the palate!

This was also the first time that I tried Dal Makhni at a Social outlet but I’m so glad I did! It tasted like a slow-cooked creamy perfection that I can’t recommend enough. Biryani lovers shouldn’t miss the Andhra Mutton Biryani. We experienced food coma with every morsel of the succulent lamb biryani. For dessert, the Chocolate Blood Bath with chocolate cake, chocolate brownie, chocolate truffle, chocolate fudge, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate mousse and dark chocolate sauce is chocolate-lover’s fantasy brought to life.

I love how the place manages to wear three different façades! From being the space to grab a good coffee (try the Dope brew) with friends, the lounge to party the night away to the coolest work-station, this one aces them all! With efficient staff, the perfect vibe and a gorgeous view, we’re sure this one will manage to pull all the crowd in an already robust food-scene. And foodies, rejoice! Here’s a gastronomic winner…

Note: The critic was invited by the restaurant but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own

Where: Carter Road Social
Gagangiri Premises Building,
Carter Road, Bandra-West, Mumbai – 400052
Number: 9152017974

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The luxe factor is

9 Food
9 Ambience
9 Hospitality
9 Décor
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