Review: Inside the all-new Dirty Buns SoBo

After rocking the culinary world with its first outlet at Kamala Mills, popular food joint-Dirty Buns is here with a second outlet at Breach Candy. And yet again, this one brings with it novel flavours, sophisticated interiors and familiar good vibes. We went in to check it out…

Diners can expect hearty dishes such as Mushroom Teriyaki, Crispy Oat Prawns and Kung Pao Tofu. All this is served in an eclectically designed space with its uniquely nightlife-focused design that is hopefully a harbinger of planned hip-hop nights on weekends. For those who pose the question around what’s different about this one as compared to the Lower Parel, you’ll be delighted to find an interesting addition of bowls, a raw bar and many more vegan options apart from the playful DIY dessert option.

As for food, we start off with the addictive Dirty Fries. It is a ravishing medley of house-made chilli, cheese sauce and parsley. But what unexpectedly stole our hearts was the KFCauliflower. The humble cauliflower when elevated with sesame soy, bokchoy kimchi and scallions can transcend a meal fit for a king.

Having been a fan-girl of Chef Boo’s mac and cheese, we couldn’t resist trying that. Bursting with flavours in each bite, the Mac and cheese in the crease of the puffy bun is a hero of a dish. We also just couldn’t get enough of the insanely delicious lobster roll (a gritty mixture of giardiniera and a handful of crispy onions). We heartily recommend adding a wonderful hint of warm garlic butter sends it over the edge.     

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The playful DIY dessert-allows you to create your own dessert by choosing the base – a sponge in either vanilla, chocolate, or marble cake flavour. Following this, you can choose a mousse (vanilla, chocolate, blueberry or espresso); and up to four garnishes, from options including caramel sauce, macerated blueberries, shortbread or cookie crumbs, and lemon curd. And rightly, they saved the best for the last.       

With its gloriously messy food, incredible cocktails and buzzing vibe, Dirty Buns yet again serves us reams of reasons to be back.

Note: The critic was invited by the restaurant but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own

Where: Dirty Buns Sobo
Hubtown Skybay, 201 Bhulabhai Desai Marg,
Breach Candy, Grant Road, Mumbai- 400026
Phone: 07710942770

The luxe factor is

9 Food
9 Service
9 Interiors
9 Hospitality
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