Review: Inside the all-new JIVA Spa at The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai

Talk about India’s landmark hotels and the mention of The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai is sure to pop up. After all, it is the stuff of legacy. And rightly so, I’ve lost myself in its iconic spires, graceful domes and arching colonnades countless times. From revelling in a stellar meal at the rooftop Souk restaurant where Mediterranean classics are served up to views of Mumbai’s twinkling lights to experiencing the most opulent beauty treatments at the Taj Salon, I have been there, done that and have been left swooning by its discreet service and unmatched beauty.

If there was one thing that I was to tick off my bucket-list was the JIVA Spa here. And when the flagship wellness brand from Taj opened an expansive new 6,500 square feet spa at this iconic hotel, I had a chance to put it to test too. Situated amidst the serene calm by the pool terrace, with an incredible view of the Arabian Sea, the JIVA Spa now adds to the list of lavish offerings at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Along with their signature wellness therapies and treatments such as the sacred bathing ritual, Alepa, and the traditional Gudda Bath, I was told that this JIVA SPA boasts of unique new wellness offerings such as a traditional hammam bath, for the first time in Mumbai. The spa comprises one couple massage suite with soak tub, two signature treatment rooms, five single treatment rooms with steam and shower area, along with the floatation tank, hammam and a relaxation room for guests to unwind.

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I found the spa space to be a gorgeous blend of sheers, water and light which creates the right ambience for a holistic healing experience. Greeted by a friendly namaste and my favourite spa beverage, Vishudhi chai, I was more than looking forward to my spa treat for the day. As I sipped on the concoction of green tea, brewed with tulsi leaves, some added lime juice and jaggery, I had already hit ‘zen’ mode.

My treatment for the day was the Dead Sea Soak- an exclusive and unique therapy which is supposed to be taken in a magnesium floatation tank. During the course of this spa therapy, I was floating in the dead-sea pod for 75 minutes. The density of the salt and the minerals that the water is doused with ensures that you’re floating your way to bliss.

In just one session, I discovered that the treatment strengthened my spine muscles and aligned my neck, shoulder and spine in one line. Being in a no-gravity zone helped me get rid of all the aches and pains. The therapy is also said to be very effective for those with respiratory ailments and the insomniacs. I was only amazed and smitten by its effectiveness as the therapy not only left me completely rejuvenated, but also opened my eyes to my inner-self.

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I was glad to discover a spa that matches up to the stature of The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai. Being a spa junkie who has extensively tried distinct spa treatments and the best spas all over, I can say that this one is replete with intuitive therapists, swanky interiors and the finest of treatments. And the expertise of Reena Sheth who for years has ensured that the Taj Salon has also been the property’s crowning glory.

As if this pampering wasn’t enough, the preening continued with the best head-massage of my life and a stunning blow-dry at the Taj Salon which gave me my ‘red-carpet moment.’ From being pampered by Taj’s gracious staff to experiencing a dreamy sojourn inside sweet-smelling treatment rooms, I challenge you to leave this space without a blissed-out smile!S

Where: JIVA Spa at The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai
Apollo Bunder Mumbai Maharashtra India 400 001
Phone: +91 22 6665 3366/ +91 22 66650323 /24

Note: The writer was invited by the hotel but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own

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