The Dan Bilzerian of SUV’s: The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Crazy Color edition

Once in a lifetime you encounter things that completely bowls you over with its appearances and size like the King Kong or the Terminator. What they have in common is the capacity to dominate & smash whatever comes on their way. The reason I am talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger & King Kong is because way back in 1979 the military division of Iran called up the engineers of Mercedes Benz & requested them to make to make a vehicle which share the same characteristics of these gargantuan personalities and man-o-man what a vehicle it is. Even after 35 years it is still going strong.. Till date the Australian, Algerian, Bulgarian Army to name a few heavily rely on this machine and are very certitude about it.

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In 2013 Mercedes Benz India thought to break the consternation of the boring SUV culture that since they are big & slow they are not fun to drive. So what’s next, they brought the G63 AMG much to bewilder the buyers. Now in 2015, when phones are getting smarter & machines are getting meaner, MBIL again topped up the game by introducing the updated version of the G63 AMG & this time they call it #CrazyColour because no matter how crazy it may sound but the colour options available are even crazier, namely “Alien Green” “Solar Beam’ & “ Sunset Beam” all which come with two tone paintwork. We recently managed to get hold of one of these beasts in Alien Green and were not spared by the mammoth, yes we too were bowled over by it.
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The first look at the new Alien Green G63 AMG might be little perplexing due to its travesty but as you spend some time, it grows on you. The typical AMG body styling, Bi-xenon headlamps, the black cooling air intakes on the front apron, stainless steel running boards, side-mounted chrome-plated twin tailpipes and a spare wheel cover with a 3D Mercedes star makes it looks like a pantomime mammoth. The moment you enter the cabin the perception changes like the weather in Himalayas, completely engulfed in luxurious high end components and loads of carbon fibre. The AMG badging is very prominent everywhere; from the steering wheel, the Speedo to the extent that even the diamond shaped stitched leather seats are not spared. Talking about seats & luxury, the multi-contour seats are manufactured in a specific way to take special care of your spine therefore it can accordingly adjust as per your form to give the passengers the best drive possible. Again small fans are integrated into the upholstery to distribute an even airflow beneath the leather covering of the backrest and seat cushion. The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG comes loaded with 12 high-performance speakers from the house of Harman Kardon & they make sure that you get that enthralling 360 degree sound experience. The parking sensors from PARKTRONIC ensure smooth & safe parking & the highly mounted rear parking camera does rest of the job. The leg space for the passengers is of little bit concern but if you are family of two adults & two kids then there is not which needs to be worried about. The 480 litres boot space is good enough to carry your luggage as well your pet if you want to. Overall the cabin gives a mix feel of luxury, hi tech gizmos with a blend of classic touch; for example: The air conditioner vents or the hand brake gives you that tinge of 35 year old classic design.
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A 2.5 ton monster like this also needs a heart of a beast to drive it crazy. The G63 AMG comes with a 5.5 V8 engine which churns out 760 Nm of torque @ 2000 rpm & if triple digit numbers gives you wet dreams then it’s equipped with 544 hp to make it go wild in just 5.4 seconds. The car comes loaded with paddle shifters & drive select options like comfort, sport & manual. Overall the drive quality and gear shifting is pretty flawless but specifically if you are using the paddle shifters in the manual mode, there is a little lag between gears once you up shift on a high speed. Secondly, what might not please you is the fuel range, though it comes with a 96 litre fuel tank the overall range will not be more than 400 kms but I don’t think anyone will complain after experiencing the car for over 400 kms. A brief time behind the wheel and even an environmentalist would not crib about the mileage of the car, seriously!
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A wise decision of not providing the car with low profile tyres was really helpful for us to test the three different options of electrically engageable differential locking. The SUV just swallowed up all kinds of terrain thrown at it. The 220 mm ground clearance is really a boost to the overall capability. The drive with this size of a SUV & with a mighty engine it has all capabilities to give you that wide smile on your face. But with a price tag of 2.17 cr (ex-showroom Mumbai) is it worth all the bucks, I am afraid it’s not but saying that if you still go ahead buy this machine you sit right at the top of the SUVs available in India.

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Like: Engine, Colour and Performance.
Dislike: Price, Fuel range.

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Specifications –

Engine5461 cc, 8 cylinders, Twin-turbo petrol
Power536 bhp @ 5500 RPM
Torque760 Nm @ 2000 RPM
TransmissionAutomatic, 7 speed AMG speed shift
0-100kmph5.4 seconds
Top speed210 km/hr
City fuel efficiency4.5 kmpl
Highway fuel efficiency5.2 kmpl
Airbags8 Airbags
SafetyABS, EBD, Traction control, ASR, BAS.
Price, ex-showroom (Mumbai)2.7 crores.
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8 Looks
8 Comfort
7 Features
9 Handling
10 Performance
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