Review: Switzerland’s Labo Suisse’ combines science and skincare with topical, use-at-home, Fillerina Night Cream and Eye Contour Cream

To all the people reading this review, first and foremost, let it be known I am a person who neither follows a strict skincare regimen nor am I a hardcore skincare enthusiast. At the risk of sounding lazy, I certainly prefer to use that one solid product to take care of the problems that inevitably arise with time. I have learned that aging, especially on Indian skin, starts as early as 35–40 years, but dermatologists urge Indian women to take care of aging skin around 30 years of age. When I came across Fillerina products at first, I was intimidated as the idea of using fillers never came to mind and is not something I even considered. But a devoutly scientific approach to skincare seemed like an enticing idea; nonetheless, it’s one with minimal steps to achieve hopefully maximum results.

I started using Labo Suisse’s (a Switzerland-based global innovative cosmetic products leader) Fillerina night cream in Grade 4 along with Fillerina Eye Contour cream in grade 4. At first, I was skeptical about using higher grade creams as I have moderately clear skin that’s not displaying any visible signs of aging, but I decided on a skin test before going all in. For four days, I only applied the creams on the spot on the face and noticed absolutely no redness or itchiness, which has been experienced with many eye creams in the past. After passing the patch test, I diligently used the eye contour cream after my bath, which became a regular pattern. My day is hectic, replete with multiple trips to a bustling kitchen (which means ample exposure to direct heat) and long hours in front of the laptop screen (over-exposure to light), proving my skin does ask for a lot more than basic moisturizing. I swear by a certain sunscreen that’s a staple, and the Fillerina Eye Contour Cream wasn’t there for the first 10 days. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t noticed the presence of fine lines until I noticed their absence. Keeping this review honest, the small tube of Fillerina Eye Contour didn’t take away all my problems but, I noticed changes that disappeared as I became irregular. With continues use, I started noticing my eye area looking cleaner, plumper, and smoother. It also allows my under-eye concealer to spread very nicely over it. I used the contour cream even at night when I applied makeup as it instantly takes the dryness away. The idea of getting results slowly and steadily over time is a much better alternative than letting needles to any instant face-fix. However, the creams have to be applied regularly to keep results intact.

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Next, I’d like to share my experience with the Fillerina Night Cream in grade 4. So far, all the night creams I sampled had a very heavy texture and felt weighty on the face. That wasn’t a problem with Fillerina night cream; it absorbed right away, and the suppleness it led to was felt instantly. I also liked its no-nonsense, non-gimmicky packaging, and practically fragrance-free application. It doesn’t depend on anything other than the tube’s content to do the talking and doesn’t overpower its scent, which is ideal for everyday use. The cream contains 12 different Hyaluronic Acid Molecules, which I googled about to learn about their effects. Hyaluronic is a popular humectant. It helps preserve the moisture on the skin’s surface, but not every hyaluronic molecule can seep deep into the skin and get washed off or erased. With Fillerina, there are as many as12 different types of Hyaluronic Acid molecules, and the ones that work as Fillerina also secured the patent for its particular cocktail of hyaluronic molecules. I certainty noticed my dark circles fading by the end of the trial and used all my strength to get a little more out of the tube.

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I don’t know if it was the eye contour cream or the night cream that did wonders to my dark circles and ended the year-long battle with irritating eye creams, but I am happy. Of course, the creams are quite expensive for regular use, but one needs to try them to get hooked on their effects. I suggest that you skip a facial or two and invest in these products instead, as they will still be a lot cheaper than getting fillers injected. Don’t let the simple packaging fool you; it’s a great secret weapon to achieving soft, supple skin that could camouflage itself next to a soframycin tube at a local chemist but works pretty well.

Fillerina Night cream Grade 4 sells for Rs.7999 and grade 5 for Rs.9499. The Fantastic Fillerina Eye Contour Cream Grade 4 can be yours for Rs.5999 and the Grade 5 tube will sell for Rs. 6999. Purchase the terrific topical products here.

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