Review: THE ZODIAC PARTY with Woodside Inn’s twelfth Annual Beer & Burger Festival

The quest for a lip-smacking burger is something most burger-lovers encounter.  I must admit that recently I have been fortunate enough to reawaken my taste-buds with the exquisite depth of the burgers at the popular, iconic Woodside Inn Beer and Burger Festival. The eatery is here with an interesting concept around the twelve signs that comprise the zodiac. By connecting it with specially crafted burgers according to the zodiac sign traits, the novel concept definitely caught our attention. 

Classic Tenderloin Burger

The Burger Boss

We tried the Classic Tenderloin Burger that represents the always dependable star sign Taurus. It is generously crammed with cheese, dope fries on the side and a tenderloin preparation to die for. The star from the night was the Gemini one that represents the sign’s dual personality. It comprises of a duo of Waffle Burgers with pulled chicken, shredded boiled egg in one and minced chicken and a fried egg in another totally beguiled our taste-buds. Safe to say that its’ among the best burgers we’ve tried.

Duo of Waffle Burgers – Gemini

Beer, check!

Woodside Inn in association with the folks at Gateway Brewing Company has also concocted a refreshing gin. The inspired brew with hints of fresh botanicals is sure to cast away the dreary gloom. On offer are a spate of variants that will leave beer lovers spoilt for choice

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Deep Fried Pork Mince and Jalapeno Burger

A burger and beer extravaganza

Other interesting selections include the Crispy Fried Chicken Burger with a fiery homemade hot chilli sauce that represents the sign of fire aka Aries.  Libras think: English cheddar, Italian grana Padano and mozzarella cheese, roasted bell peppers and balsamic deep-fried burger.

Vegan Soy Hoisin Burger

Celebrating the earth sign Virgo with a Kale, Spinach, Green Peas and Sweet Potato Patty Burger that comes in a gluten free plantain roesti with pickled cucumber ribbons & banana peel crisps. Scorpio – the sign known to be mysterious is represented with a deep-fried pork mince and jalapeno burger! Travellers at heart aka Sagittarians will find their soul in the Harissa Marinated Chicken Supreme Burger that has elements from all the continents of the world. The Miso Marinated Mushroom Burger represents Capricorn while the Vegan Soy Hoisin Burger represents the Aquarius known to be humanitarians at heart, and the Tempura Fried Seafood Burger with vodka aioli and a Bloody Mary shot celebrates all things Pisces and the sign’s love for alcohol.

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Tempura Fried Seafood Burger with vodka aioli and a Bloody Mary – Pisces
Chicken and Battatawada Burger – the Cancerian Burger

Made in collaboration with actress Shweta Tripathi popularly known by her Instagram handle @Battatawada is the Chicken and Battatawada Burger – the Cancerian Burger that comes loaded with mozzarella cheese sauce, green chilli gremolata inside a poppy seed. 

Rum Marinated Lamb Roast Burger

While the Diplomatico Rum Marinated Lamb Roast Burger represents the star sign Leo and is made in collaboration with actor-rapper Chaitanya Sharma also known as @_slowcheeta. This burger comes with Swiss Emmenthal cheese, a spectacular rum flambé represents all things flamboyant to make sure the Leos get all eyes on their table with this burger.

The thought of a chilled beer and a freshly-flipped burger evokes bliss. And the twelfth year of the festival is an interesting and luscious ode to the burger and burger: something that burger and beer gourmands will definitely be smitten by. 

 On-going until Sunday 11th August, 2019

Phone: 022 2287 5752 (Colaba) and 022 2632 8963 (Andheri)

Where: Available at Woodside Inn Colaba and Andheri

Note: The critic was invited by the restaurant but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own

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