Review: We try Art of Dum: An ode to the treasured Dum Pukht aromas and flavours

The Art of Dum signature- their fragrant biryani

Being a fan of north-west frontier cuisine, when we heard that food giant- Foodlink is launching its delivery only kitchen-Art of Dum, we had to try it for ourselves. The newly launched cloud kitchen as the name suggests serves a wide variety of Dum Pukht Cuisine flavours. As expected, it arrived in a few minutes from our order.

The tender and succulent Murg Chandi Tikka

We give a thumbs up to its Earth-friendly packaging supplies such as glass jars, clay handis, and paper which are reusable and go a long way in minimizing the plastic waste and pollution that end up in our landfills and oceans. For starters, we recommend the Murg Chandi Tikka which is tender, succulent and is a delightful medley of yoghurt, cream and cheese. For the mains, the Dal Makhani is the creamy perfection that is sure to become a favourite. However our favourite was the Awadhi Murg Biryani-they totally ace this classic delicacy of the Mughal Nizam by crafting aromas and flavours that totally do justice to the legacy dish and tantalizing tease your tastebuds.

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The sinful Lachcha Rabdi

For dessert, the sinful Lachcha Rabdi is a good option. Overall, we loved how the food brings in the finesse and art of the legendary Khansamas. The melt in the mouth, royal biryanis, luscious gravies, refreshing rolls and desserts offer a culinary experience that encompasses the evolved robust and characterful style of cooking from the royal heritage and kitchens of North West Frontier Province. It beautifully recreates the charm of the traditional clay pots & tandoor with the simple, nomadic flavours of Dum Pukht Cuisine.

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Note: The critic was hosted by the brand but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own.

Where: Karama and Discovery Gardens
Phone: 04-5791999, 04-5260682
Instagram: @artofdumdubai

The luxe factor is:

8.5 Food
8.5 Packaging
8 Delivery
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