Review: We try out the world’s first luxury glutathione skincare range by Swiss brand Glutaweis

Before I get to introducing Glutaweis’ Radiance Range, I’d like to introduce you to my current skin condition. It was great all of last year but not so much since 2021 commenced. I would describe my skin as patchy, dry, and pretty lifeless. I wasn’t sure if the Glutathione radiance range would do much for me, and all I wanted was for my skin to glow as I didn’t remember the last time it did. Glutaweis Radiance Range depends on the core ingredient of Glutathione. This ingredient is combined with 7 natural actives from Korea, Japan, Switzerland, and so on.

I have been a fan of products with hyaluronic acid as they worked well for my skin in the past, and luckily the Glutathione brightening cream included it. I knew after a week of application. This is going to be my favorite for a long time to come. I don’t know if I should give credit to the hyaluronic acid, L-Glutathione, nanowhites which are supposed to be 1000 times effective in melanin reduction than other brightening actives or the Swiss Sprouts that restrict melanin production, but I liked the way my skin started to change. Though brightness was not my priority, nor did my skin actually brighten, but it certainly felt good. The non-greasy texture of the cream seamlessly blends into your skin in no time, is lightweight, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky at all, which makes it perfect for Mumbai weather. And if you thought your matt lipstick is long-lasting, then you have to try this product out that kept my skin hydrated throughout the day. It has a refreshing fragrance, too, but that’s not the point we need to be talking about.

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Do keep in mind I am not reviewing them in order of the products used but in order of what I liked most. The cleanser was a surprise and the first of its kind I tried. The bottle is accompanied by a soft silicone brush that exfoliates my face as it cleans the grime and grease of the day. It was easy to use once I unlocked it; pump the bottle to release the foam, gently massage the face with the applicator in small circular motions, and doing so diligently showed me that a cleanser could do so much more than just cleaning the Mumbai traffic off my face. The Glutathione Foaming Cleanser is packed with papaya extracts (an age-old home remedy for radiant skin), L-Glutathione, Pentavin, which ensures maximum hydration and seals these hydration elements to the skin. This could also be why my skin never felt dry even after using the exfoliating brush more often than I should…which was always! If you don’t like exfoliating your skin more than 2-3 times a week, a simple movement eliminates the deep-reaching silicon brush.

Last but certainly not the last was Glutathione Radiance Serum with intense repair cartridges. This product really intimidated me; the syringe shape made it look like serious business. It wasn’t my most favorite product, and I would’ve enjoyed a delightful-smelling serum more, but in that aspect, this was a tad bit underwhelming. I’m not a fan of pea-sized servings, which made using the serum a little bit like work. It’s a brilliant idea to include two additional serum refills as well. The packaging does make this product extremely travel-friendly. This product is packed with the goodness of green tea, mandarin clear, red algae in addition to the L-Glutathione, pentavin, and Vitamin A, B3, and C.

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Now coming to the part, would I buy this for my sister or recommend it to my BFF? Yes, it is a luxury skincare range that explains the price tags, but the products do complete justice. If you want to go easy on the pocket, then try the Glutathione Radiance Cream over everything else, but if you want to see your skin transform into a dewy, supple version, then invest in a dependable Swiss luxury brand that solves all your skincare needs in less than a month. The Glutaweis Glutathione Radiance Cleanser, 100ml, costs Rs. 2,995. The Glutaweis Glutathione Radiance Serum, 30 ml, sells for Rs. 4,250, and The Glutaweis Glutathione Radiance Cream, 50 g, sells for Rs. 4,995. The complete Glutathione Radiance range is priced at Rs. 12,240.

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