Rolls Royce takes South India by storm

British luxury carmaker Rolls Royce believes that India is a great market for the company and South India seems to be one of the fastest growing markets for this brand. The South Indian market is both an economic growth driver for the country and an increasingly vibrant market for super luxury goods. The drive force in South India is mainly entrepreneurs who are modern, young and vibrant, who travel the world and hence have a lot more exposure. They are now willing to experience the luxury since they have earned it.

The new version of the Rolls Royce convertible Dawn is helping to broaden the brand’s audience into younger segments as well as appeal to its already established customers. Its bold and contemporary designs signal the transformation of the brand , yet it retains the hallmark od Rolls Royce excellence in craftsmanship and engineering.

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Dawn can be used comfortably by two adults and In creating this model they have accepted no compromise to the comfort and luxury of four adults who want to travel together in style. Rolls Royce fans wait with bated breath for the new Rolls Royce Phantom will arrive in 2018.

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[ Via : Business-Standard ]

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