Rules of matching your outfit with your watch

Imagine you are in an official event, then a guy wearing a black tuxedo and a white tie with an outstanding style statement casually lifts his left hand to check what time it is when you see a rubber strapped Casio calculator wristwatch. What runs through your mind? A wristwatch is robust like it is vital to have a quality belt that builds your style.

Men and women have limited accessories to complement their style, and a watch like the metallic gunmetal watches adds to the fashion statement. Most males prefer having more than one watch that compliments most of their outfits for casual and formal occasions.

How to best pair your clothes and your watch collection
Several guidelines will help any person perfectly complement their wardrobe, elevating each style. Some of the tips include;

Your outfit formality should match your outfit
Watches that match with dresses
The ruling principle of matching your clothes with your watch ensures formality is maintained with each style. Before understanding how to complement watches with your clothes, it is essential first to understand the various types of watches available in the market. They are categorized into analog and digital watches.

Types of watches
Digitalized watches built with an LCD display or LED face show time in the form of numerals. The watch straps are usually made from plastic or rubber. The particular watch is best when paired with other athletic wear. Do not worry about the type of clothing that comes in handy with this particular watch, as it compliments most casual wear.

The analog watches function by using hour and minute hands, and they display time through the 12-hour cycles. Analog watches are more classic, offering a formal look to any style. They are perfect for formal events and different businesses, and they perfectly complement the casual look any day.

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There are different types of analog watches specifically designed for men like;

It is sleek, unique, and simple with a plain white face, and the leather straps are thin and made from leather. Roman numerals are used to display the time, and they add elegance to the watches.

It was initially designed for the divers as the watch is water-resistant, has metallic bands, a medium-sized face, and the used Arabic numerals are easy to read.

Racing or diving
It is bright and has contrasting colors. The size ranges from medium to large, and the dial is large, well-constructed with clear Arabic numerals. The straps are metallic or made from leather, and their casing is made from stainless steel. It includes a data compilation and chronograph.

Its size ranges from medium to large and is designed for the cockpit, and its dial is oversized for clear, legibility of numbers, date, and the hands are luminous. Mostly the watch straps are made from leather, and at times it has a chronograph.

They are rugged, versatile, and functional, and they are designed from the WWI trenches making them challenging and endure active duty. It is well designed with leather or canvas straps; the size ranges from small to medium, and Arabic numbers are used on the face making it easy to read.

How to match a watch type with the perfect dress code formality
After clearly understanding the various types of watches available in the market, it is easy to decide on the watch that suits each dress code.

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Black or White Tie
Initially, when you attended a black-tie affair, it was a no-brainer that watches were not part of the outfit, and if you had worn one, you were not supposed to be seen checking the time in public. The reasoning behind this is that formal occasions are time out of time, and you are supposed to lose yourself in the affair. In the current times, things have changed a little as a small, black leather band and minimal embellish watch are recommended.

Business dress
When you are out for business, designed watches are always recommended. For example, a classic styled gold or silver watch with no or minimal complications and a thin dial perfectly suits the day. A classic dress watch perfectly complements a dark conservative suit. There are stylish who have the opinion that dive watches should never be paired with a suit. However, a dive watch with leather straps can be paired with a formal or conservative suit.

Sharp casual
The style included in the sharp casual include; dark denim, button-down shirts, sport coats, and this type of style suites a date or a casual workplace. Watches that perfectly compliment this particular style have large faces with more complications like field and racing watches.

Some casual clothes are chambray button-down jeans and polo shirts, and they complement well with watches apart from the dress watch.

In conclusion, different watch types complement different fashion styles, and understanding each watch and its functionality will help you carefully choose the perfect watch for each occasion.

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