Sabyasachi x H&M set to come together to fuel our wanderlust this April

The Indian fashion scene has very clear favorites. For casual wear, you head straight to H&M and for wedding/ couture, you go to celebrated (read: worshipped) designer Sabyasachi. While our wardrobes are bursting with many garbs from H&M the same can’t be said about Sabyasachi whose price tags are also unaffordable for many. That’s a key reason to wait for this collection with bated breath as you can have many things coming from the Sabyasachi stable. Speaking about the collection, it’s called ‘Wanderlust’ and will include hand-crafted, eclectic travel pieces that will resonate with the modern global nomad wanting to add that “extra” to their wardrobe. From what I understand you will get the vibe of Sabyasachi you have loved and desired in the comfort (both physical and monetary) that H&M brings. The collection mixes modern and traditional silhouettes that will bring you a mix of athleisure and glamping.

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     Get geared to go on a shopping spree before you pay heed to your unending wanderlust. The Sabyasachi x H&M collection will offer a complete fashion wardrobe for both ladies and men, including accessories. You will find these hot favorites available on April 16 at stores as well as on Myntra in India.

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