How Samsonite luggage added peace to my 14 day, 3 country, South East Asia trip

There are many factors that make for a great trip. For me it starts with the company, destination, accommodation, weather, food, airline, the list goes on and on. But on a recent trip I realised that there is one important element that we usually overlook and that is the luggage. Early this February along with my better half I had visited Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Flying from Mumbai we went to Bangkok then to Siam Reap in Cambodia followed by Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and back to Koh Samui in Thailand and finally we flew back to Mumbai. Spanning 14 days, we took 9 flights and two ferry rides for which we would have walked close to two dozen kilometers with all our luggage. A feat that would have been nearly impossible had it not been for the luggage bags that I was carrying.

Before I talk more, I must admit the Samsonite Lite Shock is one of the coolest looking luggage pieces I have ever seen. As futuristic as it looks, it is equally functional. It is made from ‘Curv’ which is Samsonite’s proprietary material which is extremely light yet very strong. To put it simply it is to the luggage arena what carbon fiber is to the automotive space. Speaking of automobiles the Lite Shock with its fluidic wheels just glides, a slight push and it starts rolling, the ease made me forget I was carrying 15 kgs of luggage. All of the 15 kgs of clothes, shoes and food (finding good veg food can be a bit of a challenge in Cambodia) was easily packed in the two compartments, though it lacks internal pockets it has a divider.

In this day of the Internet you are never too far from work and like a DSLR, seldom is any trip complete without a laptop. Helping me carry my gadgets, passports, documents, sunglasses and more was the Samsonite Avant. A stylish backpack with a laptop compartment and several organisational sections which keep the belongings safe and accessible. The ergonomical backstraps are cushioned to minimise the load on the shoulders. I did not find the need for a trolley as for those long walks at the airport Avant has a smart sleeve which slips over the handle of the spinner case becoming a roller bag on wheels.

I expect my luggage to be durable and take the abuse of travel, Samsonite, is engineered accordingly.

The Samsonite Lite Shock (81 cms) and the Avant backpack are priced at Rs 30,200 and Rs 6,700 respectively.

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Note – I partnered with Samsonite for this article but all the opinions expressed herewith are mine.

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