Shah Rukh Khan detained at US airport for the third time

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was detained by the US immigration department for the third time at the LAX airport sparking allegations and rumours of racial profiling.

As soon as news of his detention in the US was made public in India, millions of his fans took to social media to vent out their frustration and anger at the treatment meted out to their hero. Ah Rukh Khan also resorted to twitter to express his disappointment at being detained. He said while he fully understood and respected the security measures taken but to be detained for the third time over was terrible.

The US Ambassador to India also tweeted an apology in response and assured Shah Rukh that this would not be repeated. The US Department of State official also tweeted an apology to the Khan.

In 2009, Khan was detained at Newark Liberty International Airport as his name appeared on the no fly list of 80,000 names and in 2012 he was detained at New York’s White Plains Airport for two hours on arriving from India.

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Though hurt and upset about these incidents, the Khan in his usual witty way brushes them off by saying he managed to catch a lot of Pokemon’s at the airport while he was waiting or that he took a trip to the US when he was feeling arrogant about himself.

[ Via : Dnaindia ]

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