Sony Pictures x have recreated the Men in Black HQ in London, and you can stay there this summer!

The iconic Men in Black franchise has joined hands with in anticipation of their much-awaited fourth installment. Ardent movie buffs are keenly awaiting the 14 June release of the sci-fi sequel. Now, this is no extraordinary experience; Sony Pictures and have teamed up to create an exceptionally exciting opportunity in London this summer. The theatrical marriage between the hotel aggregator and entertainment company will allow fans a chance to stay at the recreated version of the movie’s London based Headquarters. will host this experience on their website, accommodating up to two guests per night who can engross themselves in the Men in Black experience. Of course, everything is theme-based; from the agent check-in area, to the main hall of the HQ (including a recreation of the all-seeing eye, which features prominently in the movie), to the undercover agent’s bedroom. The entire experience us about drawing a parallel to the film and creating a realistic connection.

Here’s the fine print of your experience:
• The entrance of the recreated HQ is extremely unclear from the street, adding an element of mystery.
• The entrance is an industrial space with just a subtle identifier in the centre.
• After confirming their identities, the guests will be fitted with black suits and sunglasses, creating an uncanny resemblance to the characters in the film.The doorway will then slide open to reveal the first of many interstellar experiences.
• Initial agent and accommodation orientations are then given to guests.
• Finally, guests are able to enter the impressive Men in Black HQ.

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Let me tell you that only 2 nights have been unveiled as on date, along with the booking window. The Men in Black HQ will open bookings for its 30th May stay on 21st May at 15:30 HRS IST, with the stay for 31st May being released at 15:30 HRS IST on the 23rd May. Priced at just Rs. 8,788 per night, this once-in-a-lifetime experience can be booked by visiting the listing here

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