Suhani Pittie’s Confluence collection inspired by the Indigenous Tribes of India

Suhani Pittie’s gifted mind and extraordinary jewelry designs have definitely earned her some recognition in the jewelry sector. From featuring in the World Gold Council as one of the top 10 most inventive jewelry designers in the world to having her designs admired on a global platform, Suhani’s career is undoubtedly flourishing.

With her latest collection inspired by the Dongrias, the Lambanis, the Banjaras and other indigenous tribal communities in India, Suhani has appropriately named it the “Unsung Tribes”. This unique collection has been specially curated and fashioned for Confluence – a jewelry collective designed by leading fashion luminaries.

Adorning crystals designed by Chris Bangle for Swarovski, the bold and striking collection is embedded with interesting elements from the fascinating world of the indigenous tribes of India and is culturally rooted. Featuring rustic tones, the pieces resonate charm coupled with the beauty of the Swarovski Crystals.

Throwing light on the collection for Confluence, Suhani said, “The collection is tribal themed at the onset but if you look closer, it contains contemporary themes aesthetically paired with natural motifs to create something refreshing and visually gratifying. Every design has been enhanced further by the scintillating sparkle of the iconic Swarovski Crystals. The strong tribal influences of the pieces are beautifully juxtaposed again the edgy elegance of the multi-faceted Swarovski Crystals to create genre-defying jewels. This is my first collection for Confluence and I am delighted to be associated with the brand and its diverse jewelry collective.”

Suhani’s collection is definitely one of the most exciting collections we’ve witnessed in recent times. Browse through her collection on

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