Attending the Super Bowl as a VIP

There are many sports events that are bucket list experiences, and the Super Bowl is top of the list for many. An exciting culmination of America’s favorite sport brings the winners of the AFC and NFC together to decide the overall champion. The Super Bowl betting odds market is electric throughout the season with people making their picks for a favorite early on, and things build up once the divisional finals have completed

With a history of classic finals, the experiences of the supporters are not just isolated to the game. The atmosphere in the stadium as well as the experience before and after the match is as much, if not more important than the game itself. Just getting to the Super Bowl can be a challenge with the limited number of tickets available to a world-famous event, but for those who can, A VIP experience is something that should not be missed.

While around 100 million people tune on to watch on television, the VIP experience has little in common with those watching along at home. A VIP experience for the Super Bowl isn’t limited to the game itself, it is about the whole weekend where you will stay in the finest hotels and prior to, and on the night of the game in complete comfort. In 2022, the Super Bowl will be played at the SoFi in Los Angeles, California and VIP guests will stay in hotels like the Beverley Hills Marriott and Hilton Checkers Hotel.

Spa treatments, dinner reservations, and private city tours are all extras available to the VIP experience. While in a city like LA, there is so much on offer to the VIP guest and the experience proves to provide ease of access to the best facilitates available and to see the most exclusive and impressive sites and venues the city has to offer. Some of the most exclusive private golf clubs will also be the venue for a round in the buildup to the day, or a great way to round off the experience the day after the Super Bowl.

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On game day itself the experience begins well before the match starts, before the teams even arrive at the stadium. Transfers from hotel to venues are all included, as were airport transfers, to ensure that there is nothing the VIP guest needs to do other than show up. No longer is a tailgate party in the car park surrounded by other supporters. The VIP tailgate party for the VIP is in upscale venues with celebrities with some of the most fashionable and impressive surroundings.

Former and current NFL players are often made available for VIP guests to spend some time within the pregame tailgate party or receive autograph signing sessions at their luxury suite during the Super Bowl. Hall of Famers and not only will sign autographs and take pictures with VIP guests but will also give their thoughts on the Super Bowl and conduct Q&A session o the stories from yesteryear as well as the current players the modern game.

Sipping champagne and the finest spirits, it is a far cry for cans of beer in the car park. Being able to drink the finest drinks at the open bar and eat gourmet food prepared by celebrity chefs to ensure the optimum sensations of taste supplied. Giant screens are on display for the pregame build up along with pregame entertainment to enjoy prior to making your way up to the stadium and accessing where you will watch the match itself.

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Celebrity sports fans are the same as every sports fan, though they have the opportunity to experience the Super Bowl in ways many don’t. Especially with the Super Bowl being in Tinsel Town, 2022 is sure to see celebrities on every corner once again. Sports fans are often born sports fans and wherever their lives take them doesn’t change the fact that when an event like with Super Bowl comes around. And why not enjoy it to the maximum style if that’s what you can afford?

Being able enjoy the VIP Experience is not just a way for them to have fun with their friends, it is also part of their work. For many, exposure and staying in the public eye is key to their continued success as well as being cast for new roles or for people to buy their album.

In the era of social media, the posts on Instagram and Twitter will be sent out of celebrities enjoying their time and showing what they are doing and where they visit. The ‘likes’ they receive, and the number of interactions and followers are what fuel their careers, if no one is watching or listening, why would they be signed to a new contract or be offered a new role?

Whoever you may be enjoying that VIP experience, you are going to be enjoying one of the greatest shows on earth in style and comfort. For the biggest game in the American sports, being able to go big and enjoy in style is something everyone with the opportunity should experience.

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