Sweet Dreams: What if Mumbai got its own Cupcake ATM?

If you’ve always got room for dessert and cupcakes are your kryptonite, then you’re sure to have heard of Sprinkles Cupcake ATM’s springing up across the USA. Already located in LA, Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas, the company that has its roots in star studded Beverly Hills has opened its latest ATM in New York. Located between on Lexington Avenue between 60th and 61st streets right beside Sprinkles’ Manhattan bakery, the ATM can hold 760 cupcakes and is restocked several times a day. Manhattan residents now have easy access to their favorite sweet treat, but Mumbaikars can only dream!

Though the glittering city’s growing sweet tooth is evident from the number of bakeries and patisseries cropping up, a cupcake ATM seems too far in the distant future for our liking! What we wouldn’t give for some of Mumbai’s cupcake power players to open up a few vending machines across the city! Pooja Dhingra’s Le 15 patisserie, Bandra’s notoriously famous, Tart, LSD and Pink Sugar could all stand to open a few Any Time Cupcake machines for sweet starved citizens. We can imagine one inviting pink ATM right on Bandra’s popular hangout Bandstand, we’d be snacking on a frosted mini cake even as we walked off the calories on the promenade. Another great location? Surely the popular suburban InOrbit Mall, there’s no better way to end a shopping marathon than with a sugary cupcake! How about one at Kala Ghoda? Doesn’t everyone crave a cupcake post an arty afternoon at Jehangir Art Gallery?

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With cupcake madness spreading like wildfire in Mumbai, the possibilities are endless. We think a collaboration with a popular coffee chain would be perfection. Just imagine, getting your caffeine and sugar fixes in one smooth stop! Can you hear the halleluiah chorus? While Starbucks is the reigning favorite coffee chain in the city, we do think cupcake ATMs would be well received at Costa Coffee or Gloria Jean’s outlets in Mumbai too.

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Mumbai may not get its own cupcake ATM anytime soon, but a Mumbaikar can dream right?

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