The best casual boots for men

Over the ages, casual boots have become the quintessential hybrid footwear for a variety of personalities. They’re often ruggedly dependable and imposing, but do not shy away from donning their very own stylish personality. They take many forms, reach many heights, and employ various materials in their finish. You can check out some options here – We’ve put together the choices of casual boots you can find out there.

Hiking Boots
Inspired by the ones who have made landmark expeditions in the past, hiking boots comes with their distinct character. They’re quite chunky and oftentimes taller in form and seemingly broader as well. You can pair these with denim or cotton casual trousers, which can be comfortably tucked into them. Hiking boots worn in casual settings are so common that even the purists wouldn’t mind seeing a few trotting around them. A good pair of hiking boots would characteristically be light in weight, offer incredible stability on flat ground and uneven terrain alike, and be extremely comfortable for long and arduous wears, which is often achieved with ample cushioning. 

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Work Boots
It’s all in the name, isn’t it? Work boots simply work when you put them to the task. They’re generally made of oil-tanned leather and are made to endure stains. You can pick casual work boots that are specifically fashioned for your needs. These could be puncture-resistant, accidental shock-resistant, weather and moisture-resistant, and so on. The incredible style that comes with these functional uses is surprising. The two most commonly used toes in work boots are steel toes and composite toes. These are chiefly responsible for the boots’ highly protective personality. These are paired best with slim jeans and bold, leather jackets. 

Chukka Boots
If it’s not the utility, functionality, or ruggedness that you seek, then the Chukka boot is the ideal one to settle for in any casual setting. These come in various colors and are generally made from suede or really soft leather. Pastel colors are the most common hues that Chukkas come in. Unlike most other boots, they come with only a couple of eyelets, which makes them easy to put on and take off. Since these aren’t as high as boots usually go, they go well with chinos or linen trousers and can be worn on casual indoor occasions.  Chukka boots can be called the kindest boots for your feet, as they’re extremely comfortable and accommodating. 

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Commando Sole Boots
Many would find it surprising to know that the thick and chunky rubbered sole of a Commando Sole Boot could be counted as fashionable. Made to last as long as a military man would expect them to last, these characteristically daunting shoes have found their way into some of the biggest fashion houses who have graciously fashioned them from the tip of the laces, all the way to the toes. These boots have been experimented on, by mixing the commando soles with loafers and even trainers, to a surprising effect. Commando sole boots are best worn in black and paired with clothing that bears some amount of black paired with any contrasting garb.

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