The acclaimed Hermès Horse Exhibition is coming to Mumbai!

Hermès was founded in 1837 as a harness-maker, and naturally its first “client” was the horse. In celebration of the Year of The Horse and the newly opened maison in Shanghai, Hermes has opened an exhibition entitled “The Hermes Horse”. After creating a roaring success in China, the brand is bringing the famous exhibition to India.

The exhibition now travels to Hermès’ flagship store in Mumbai from the end of October for its second outing. The exhibition’s curator, Philippe Dumas, artist and member of the fifth generation of the Hermès family, shares his playful vision of the horse as seen by Hermès, moving between historic treasures and modern-day curiosities. The art collection represents unique pieces from the Emile Hermès collection and Mongolia’s Hohhot museum.The objects created in the special-orders ateliers at Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, and an array of other contemporary works, harmoniously come together in an exhibition that unites the history and culture of Hermès and China through a common passion: the horse.

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This exhibition will be on display from October 31st, 2015 to November 30th, 2015 at the Hermès Mumbai store.

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