The sky is the limit for women this Women’s Day

Air India celebrates International Women’s Day with great flair with flight AI 173, a non stop flight from Delhi to San Francisco which will set a new record for being the longest all women operated and supported flight. The flight departed from New Delhi on March 6th and will touch down in San Francisco after a 17 hour flight.

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Celebrating women on this special day, it is quite appropriate and fitting that the flight has an all women staff from the cabin crew, cockpit crew, check in staff, doctor and customer care staff. Even the ground staff from the operators to technicians to engineers, flight dispatchers and trimmers were also women. The staff was understandably excited and proud to be part of this historic venture as well as serve as role models for women around the world sending the message that there is nothing that a women cannot do once she sets her mind to it.
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Air India’s initiative is a worthy one and this flight is their way of making it a symbol of women empowerment.
On Tuesday March 8th Air India will celebrate Women’s Day by flying 20 all women domestic flights.

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This just goes to show that women are no longer delegated to household chores but are able to hold their own in this competitive world and walk shoulder to shoulder with men.

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