Trend based app Mellora lets you pick the perfect Jewellery

Cannot find the perfect piece of jewellery? There’s an app for it. Jewellery largely has been traditional and the industry has not evolved with the evolving woman’s fashion in the country. A Trend based app Melorra is looking to change that.

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Melorra is the first of it’s kind, trend based jewellery app that makes it so much easier for a girl to shop depending on her mood, personal style and occasion. Moving away from traditional jewellery, the app not only shows you the latest trends in jewellery, but also give you advice on how to wear and style it too. The precious and high-end jewellery market has not changed at all in years. The designs are not relevant for a modern woman’s wardrobe. The urban Indian woman’s wardrobe is western attire and Melorra wants to cater to that segment. For fresh designs and new approach, this app is the perfect pick.
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Melorra, run by August Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, is currently available only on iOS and is expected to roll out an Android app by the end of this month.

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