Tried and tested – Here are the best spa treatments for 2018 in Mumbai

Another year flew by… A lot changed. Especially in the wellness world with more spas upping their wellness game. After all, today’s spa-goers are bypassing entry-level wellness in favor of more immersive experiences that offer deeper transformations-both physically and spiritually. With lovely locations, top-notch treatments and attention-to-detail, most hotel spas are ensuring that they cater to today’s consumer. But not every spa treatment is worth the splurge. That said, we have curated a list of spa treatments that tick all the right boxes. Make no bones about it, one session at the spa doesn’t necessarily transform you. However, embracing this long-term is poised to transform your outlook towards wellness and spoil you silly as well…

Vinotherapy at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai
This indulgent, reparative ritual had to be one of the best spa treatments that I have had a chance to put to test. Here, my therapeutic journey started off with a relaxing massage. My therapist methodically tackled my pain-points one after the other- the knotty back, the stony heels and the underworked arms. Just a few minutes into my massage and I could feel the weariness take flight. This was followed by an exfoliation with red wine and a detoxifying body wrap to purify and repair my skin from within. And just as I was exulting in the velvety smoothness came a refreshing hot towel rub. The treatment carried me to a graceful dimension as I basked in supple, creamier skin. And oh, I challenge you to leave this spa without the “oh-so-blissed-out” smile.
Duration: 2 hours
Where: Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, Plot no 1/136,
Dr. E Moses Rd, Worli, Mumbai – 400 018
Phone: +91 (22) 2481 8000

Mind and Body Rebalancer at The Leela Hotel Mumbai
The Spa at The Leela Hotel Mumbai beautifully blends luxury with personalization: a fact I have experienced for myself. I tried the Mind and Body Rebalancer spa ritual here which is the finest spa treatments I’ve tried till date. What I love about the spa here is that it doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness and is need-specific. My treatment started off with a foot cleansing ritual which in itself was not your average foot soak. My therapist conducted an in-depth consultation to identify my specific needs of the moment. A salt and oil body scrub followed before warmed ESPA oils were poured onto my body and used for an intensive massage. As my therapist, rubbed, kneaded and stretched my muscles, I felt a pleasurable tinge traverse. A mud mask was then smoothed on. With my body cocooned and the mind relaxed in preparation for a luxurious head massage, I was completely nourished and relaxed. Almost like I was floating away on a cloud.
Duration: 2 hours
Where: The Leela Mumbai, Sahar, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 059
Phone: + 91 22 6691 1234

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Sushupti at Taj Wellington Mews
The Sushupti spa treatment at the Jiva Grande Spa at the Taj Wellington Mews has been one of the most effective therapies that I tried this year. The treatment wrapped me in a natural blend of green gram flour, honey and fresh cream. This was followed by a massage that ensured I sleep like a baby for the days to come. The warmth melding with the invigorating strokes shrouded me in sheer bliss. A Cleopatra-inspired rose-petal and milk bath only added to the indulgence. This was one therapy that made me fall in love with myself and my skin.
Duration: 2 hours
Where: Taj Wellington Mews, 33, Nathalal Perekh Marg, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 001
Phone: 022 6656 9494

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Kizhi at The Lalit Mumbai
Among Ayurveda-inspired therapies, one therapy that was highly-effective in relieving my joint pains and muscle cramps was the Kizhi spa therapy at the Rejuve Spa. It was performed with herbal potlis, prepared with various herbs, warmed in ‘dosha’ specific oil. With a special focus on nerve points, my nimble-fingered therapist used heated oils and herbal potlis on my aching muscles. The therapy helped me bid adieu to body-ache.
Duration: 90 minutes
Where: The Lalit, Sahar Airport Road, Mumbai – 400 059
Tel: +91-22-6699 2222

The Dead Sea Soak at The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai
This year, the flagship wellness brand from Taj opened an expansive new 6,500 square feet spa at the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai. Here I tried the Dead Sea Soak- an exclusive and unique therapy which is supposed to be taken in a magnesium floatation tank. During the course of this spa therapy, I was floating in the dead-sea pod for 75 minutes. The density of the salt and the minerals that the water is doused with ensures that you’re floating your way to bliss. In just one session, I discovered that the treatment strengthened my spine muscles and aligned my neck, shoulder and spine in one line. Being in a no-gravity zone helped me get rid of all the aches and pains. The therapy is also said to be very effective for those with respiratory ailments and the insomniacs.
Duration: 75 minutes
Where: JIVA Spa at The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai
Apollo Bunder Mumbai Maharashtra India 400 001
Phone: +91 22 6665 3366/ +91 22 66650323 /24

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